Introducing Infinite Yoke

This is not advertising, just a fun project I did and figured I’d share with the community.

                         Introducing Infinite Yoke

Infinite Yoke is a hardware yoke that can be built using instructions below. It is mainly constructed out of wood and plastic, and it is a very durable build. If you are searching for a fun project, this could be for you!

0.5 inch long small nails x 16
1 mm thick plastic material (10 x 10 inches)
10 x 5 x 1.5 inch wood board
Clear spray paint
Acrylic Paint
Rubber bands x 2

Band Saw (Recommended)


Step 1

Plan your yoke size.

You can find templates on the internet. I recommend printing a copy of a template, and then cutting it out. You can then trace the shape onto your board.

Step 2

Cut out your yoke.

A band saw is recommended for this step. Make sure you are careful to follow the lines! If you do not have this kind of equipment, I think you can take the wood to a hardware shop and they will cut it for you.

Don’t quote me

Step 3

Sand your yoke.

In order to sand your yoke, you are going to need some good sandpaper. Any grit will work. First, start by removing any rough portions of the wood, and then start to sand the corners. I recommend you round all the corners and edges.

Step 4

Paint the yoke.

I highly recommend acrylic paint whenever you paint wood. I used black paint, but you can use any color you please. Make sure you do many different coats to ensure the entire yoke is covered.

Step 5

Cutout your plastic accents.

You should do this step while you wait for the paint to dry. I used the lid from an old storage container I found under my bed, but you can use any kind of plastic you please. Make sure your large plate is the right size to fit your yoke. You can measure the handle size when the paint is dry.

Step 6

Laminate your yoke.

Make sure that the paint is completely dry before you attempt this step. It is not mandatory to do this, but it will definitely make your yoke last longer.

You can use clear spray paint to laminate the paint. I used “Rust-Oleum Matte Clear Enamel” for mine, but any clear spray paint should work. Do not overspray the yoke, otherwise, you may have small drops of the paint stuck to the bottom.

Step 7

Time for plastic!

After the paint has dried, you can try and apply the plastic accents. The best way to do this if by lining the plastic pieces up with the yoke, and then use a screwdriver to mark where you want the nails to go. You the screwdriver to make an indent in the plastic so the nails don’t slip. Hammer them in tight!

Step 8

This is the last step!

Use your rubber bands to secure your phone or device to the yoke. The build is completed!

You could also try to glue an extra phone case to the yoke, that may work as well.

If you build one yourself, feel free to post a picture of it below.

Thank you for looking, and let me know if anything needs clarification!

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Huh… (interested noises) 🤔

That’s pretty neat, not going to lie 😂, I kind of love that. In a a way cute with if being ‘mini’

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Thanks @Ecoops123! I really appreciate the feedback.


looking at that picture

interested Minecraft villager noises

This looks cool. I’ll try it if I have the materials and spare time.


Thank you @anon38496261! You should definitely try it if you can. It only took me about 3-4 hours.

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Ooooooooffff I need these

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This is such a clever idea 😃! Hats off to you I am very impressed , might try and make this! You have just saved me a few hundred bucks!
Happy Flying :D

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Thank you so much @Captain_Cign!

i would love to see a demonstration of this yoke…


That should help with those cross-wind landings. 10/10

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That’s sick. I was actually looking into buying a joystick but that’s over $100 so this is way better!

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@Madison I’ll try to make one for you!

@Z-Tube and @DatAviation_340YT thank you!


That’s a really cool idea I like it!

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Thanks @NathanD! 😃

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Huh. This is a amazing idea, I would try to make something like it if I had the time or materials. What do you use for throttle?

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@darkeyes you use your finger like you normally would.

I don’t believe that @Alec intended for this to be a replacement for a joystick with a working throttle and such. This is just to help control the aircraft when in the air. @Alec please correct me if I’m wrong. I most certainly don’t want to take over your thread!


@Z-Tube yeah, generally. It can be used the whole flight if you wish though.


Gotta bump this up!


That’s a really cool idea!

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