Introducing Infinite Virtual Airline Services: VAs Made Easy

Hello, and welcome to Infinite Virtual Airlines Services

We’re Hiring Again!

Hey! We’ve decided to take on more staff due to an influx in customers! Please fill out this for to apply!


Virtual Airlines are one of the major components of the Infinite Flight Community, and many aspiring entrepreneurs want to start one of their own. However, starting a VA is a lot of work. There’s a website to build, a Slack workspace/crew center to create, PIREP systems to set up, graphic design components to make. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming.

Luckily, there is a solution. Infinite Virtual Airline Services is a service to help get your airline off the ground. Our experienced team of developers and designers are available 24/7 to make sure that your request is done to the highest standard, and to your expectation. We are equipped to make last-second changes and any changes you may have during development


Our prices have been carefully decided by our capable staff, so that you get the best job, for the best price.

IVAS Prices

Website (New, Free Domain) - Free
Website (New, Paid Domain) - $9.99
Crew Center (New) - Free
Website (Update) - $6.99
Website CC Bundle - $9.99
Crew Center (Update) - Free
Slack/Discord Server - Free
Flight Log System (Airtable) - Free
Graphic Design (Event Banner) - Free
Graphic Design (New Brand) - $7.99
Promotional Video - $3.99
Full Suite (Everything included) - $19.99

Refund Policy

If you are unhappy with any services that Infinite Virtual Airline Services provides, you are entitled to a full refund. However, if you receive the requested services you will be unable to use them.


If you wish to apply to receive services from IVAS, please use this link below. And a member of staff will be in contact shortly.

Staff Members

Our staff members are equipped to work with anyone in their area of expertise.

IVAS Staff members

Websites/Flight Logging System: @KaiM
Crew Centers: @Mika [Crewcenters]
Slack/Discord: @Connor {Server Development and Public Relations], @Nono45_FR
Flight Logging System: @KaiM
All Graphic Design: @Canadian1337
Promo Videos: @KaiM, @Canadian1337
HR Director: @Connor

Thank you

Thanks for checking out Infinite Virtual Airlines Services, we hope you consider using us for your next project.


I’m currently working with them and they are very helpful. My hopefully future VA, Thai Virtual, would not be where it is without these people. They are very nice, friendly and most of all, helpful. They have been able to accommodate all of the changes I have asked for and have been able to help me personalize my VAs features! Highly recommended

-Sam, CEO of Thai Virtual

I am so pleased with the services they provided setting me up an airtable PIREP filing system and getting our slack server set up with all the custom bots so we can effectively open once approved on IFVARB. I will definitely be back for banners when we start having events.

-Will, CEO of Korean Air Virtual

Infinite Virtual Airline Services is not IFVARB approved, it is a Third Party Service that has been approved by the Moderation Staff on the Infinite Flight Community Forum.

Please direct any other inquiries about our services to @Connor .


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It’s been moderator approved, hence why Deer commented above…

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It’s a long story, but basically, Misha allowed, people just kept miscategorizing it.

Ok then. Thanks for letting me know.

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No problem!

UPDATE:We’ve just uploaded our prices!
These will not apply to current customers

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Do you have any examples of your work up to date?

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Not now, we’re currently working with our first customers. We’ll update you on how it goes, and we’ll show our work :)

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so vas are paying others to create there brand?

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VA’s are paying for assistance in establishing a brand. We work WITH the VA all the way through they whole process @N1DG

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okay i gotcha. im just trying to understand it. thats why i have a few questions

  1. How do Vas pay? and where does the money go back into
  2. Are the prices competitive? how did you come up with them?

The money is used to pay for time and work that goes into making the products, as well as paying costs (i.e domains).

Considering how much it would cost to get another service to do all that work (i.e graphic designers, website builders), the prices are very competitive.

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fair enough. its an interesting concept why i am curious about it. How do vas pay will it be through like pay pal or venmo


Payment would be by PayPal.

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okay cool. interesting concept. good luck


Thank you! Much appreciated!


I only ask because it may be hard at this stage to charge for a product with no sense of what quality will be provided.


Understandable. We’re currently working with 2 clients for free, and after that you will be able to get a better picture.

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