Introducing Infinite Passengers


issue with it sending notification wrongly. should be ok now.


Any plans to bring an update to let us choose what altitude the “seat belt will be switched off soon” and "descending to destination " will play? they are currently fixed at about 6,000ft and 9,000ft respectively.


@Luqman_Hussain Can you explain why my assets value for my airline would be negative? I’m just curious


Just decided to buy the app. It’s awesome! Definitely adds some realism to Infinite Flight. Great job! :)


That could be because your aircraft are “overused” meaning that they are very close to or beyond 20000 Hours and their value is in the negatives. I could be wrong though


But I already sold them off and bought new ones. They’re brand new.


When I am creating a new route for my airline, how do I change the plane to the one I want to use?


@Luqman_Hussain I hope in the next update, i think The Airline mode should have an option in choosing the capacity of seats per class (First Class, Business Class, Premium Economy, and Economy). Because i have notice that B747-400 has more seats than B747-8. So i think, it will be more realistic and how to manage our Airlines to increase PAX, Income, Passenger Satisfaction and etc.


Is there an update planned since the introduction of CR700?


Adding a vote here for the update… @Luqman_Hussain

Also I opened several tickets for some missing in flight announcements I.e. Air Tunisia, air Morroco, etc…


Is the 787-10 coming in an update as well?


787 families / variants are already included.


I don’t see the option to buy the 787-10.


is that the latest version? and did you buy the whole app? or the Lite version?


It’s right before the B787-800 on the list.


Yeah I just don’t have it. I’m going to delete and reinstall. See if that works.


It worked. I have it now!


So is there an advantage to using new aircraft vs used?


the only differences is just the max. passenger and cargo of an aircraft.


How do you mean? If I have an aircraft with 15000 hours vs new, the new can carry more people?