Introducing Infinite Passengers


Well, thanks for adding them to Passenger Mode and Cargo Mode.

@ZZBossGaming I just checked and he has added them.


Even though the MD11 should be in Passenger mode too but isn’t. At least not yet.


Hey will there be a discount for all the announcements?


It was nice app but I hope it work on mobile data


It should work with mobile data


This app is so amazing. but i hope we get the air canada rogue sound pack soon love the new jetblue sound pack.


Any chance we can buy more credits to buy planes?


Think this is a great app - bought the easyJet annoucement pack and it adds a lot of realism to it.

Would be great however if you could have all of the automated announcements that easyJet do, rather than the American human one. Other than that - great app!


coming soon also ability to purchase PR for your airline to improved passenger rating


MD11 is there. if you’re not seeing it please open a ticket at


I know, that message is from before when we still didn’t have it. By the way, thanks for the amazing app!


I have said it before and I will say it again. There are around 60 different sound packs, if I were to buy them that would be in the region of £60. That’s just completely absurd for what it actually is, an app that plays sound files… I really hope you decide to offer packs because they cost more than a song on iTunes does. Take Apple Music as an example… pay a fixed fee for access to the sound packs.


I’m hoping more development for the VA aspect, as I think it’s defiantly the way forward as its almost as good as ACARS for VA’s however if there was a way to export the data so we can post it into slack or our websites that would fantastic and maybe if we can sort live flights by VA’s also? One minor point that is incorrect, using reverse thrust below 60kts is actually acceptable, at my airline we stow reversers when safe taxi speed as been achieved. Other than that well done, i can see the potential from the VA side.


Woild you be able to add Royal Jordanian??


Usually, people wouldn’t buy all 60+ packs but I get what you mean, there should be some discount for buying bulk if you’re into realism and flying all different airlines.


Wow! I love this. Just discovered it and am loving every second. :-)


@Luqman_Hussain my app does not load the Request page for pilots looking/ seeking to join my airline… Any tips on what i should do?


Have you went into infinite flight settings, then general and hit enable infinite flight connect? Where the red circle is, that is where you need to hit


Okay i just found out that if you take off boarding music it will not record your flight


No problem man. Just want to help out a fellow community member🙂. Cheers