Introducing Infinite Passengers


I must appreciate this, since I had been looking out for this for very long time. Good work, @Luqman_Hussain

I hope you’re aware that pilots must turn the strobes on whenever on a runway crossing the hold short line. And that includes crossing runways. So, I would like to have a clarification on the function of the app in relation with this.


Crossing runways only requires landing lights according to this: Landing Lights & Strobes


Is that Mark’s tutorial? I’m perfectly aware that we are to turn the strobes on whenever on the runway, no matter we use it for taking off, landing or crossing.

So, other aircrafts (maybe the one on final) can know that the runway is being used.

Anyway, your music system does work fine indeed. Because it’s only a matter of minutes we are about to take off after we begin the taxi. Excellent app that makes me feel not bored, with all that passenger briefing. Keep up the good work. Feel free to shoot me a message for anything.


and should landing lights be used during takeoff regardless if its day?


Things short: taxi and landing lights are basically for a better view of what’s in front. Taxi lights need not be used at day. Landing lights are used at day and night, because it’s an indicator that you’re under FL100 whether coming inbound or going outbound.

This can help:


I think you need to turn on strobes if you are on the runway period.


Hi there,

great App and since purchased can’t play infinte flight without it…

i am just having an issue and i need @Luqman_Hussain your advise

I connect normally and start the flight, announcements plays and all is good, however it seems the app is disconnecting during flight and after landing i don’t see the report only i get back once landed a notification on infinite flight that “app connected successfully, return to the app after landing” so i go to infinite passengers app and view report, but it shows me a report with flight canceled and no record occurs

by the way this happened after last couple of updates, and i am using android not IOS

any tips?



Happened to me as well just recently. The boarding music was stopped automatically minutes before I pushed back. There played a safety briefing though. And that too stopped before it was supposed to. And no more sound then. It was strange when it showed me a taxi overspeed warning when I was rolling on the runway about to rotate! And it disconnected.


Did you make sure you switched on your strobes? It doesn’t count takeoff if your strobes aren’t on.

I think you should send support requests here:


yeah i forgot to mention taxiing so fast on runway and with landing and strobe lights on…weird


Not really a support request, I believe @Luqman_Hussain will find this here and correct it. And yes, the lights were on.


Hello. I’m not the one who would complain but I just took off and I had my strobe lights turned on when I got a notification saying taxiing too fast. I couldn’t get a picture but I was just mentioning it. Thanks


@Luqman_Hussain, if you can reply on that please, i sent a ticket on the website though, so appreciate your feedback


Are you sure you didnt turn on strobe lights too early? Strobe should only be turned on at runway. Once this is turned on the sound will not play.

@DiMoS - after landing and taxi to gate… did you turn off the engines? Engines need to be turned off to complete the flight.


I’m cheap, I don’t buy IAP that much, so I was wondering, maybe a bundle, so like maybe a deal for all the American Airlines, or maybe one deal for all the airlines for like half off
Just my 2 cents


Thanks for the response. I did turn on the strobes just before crossing hold short line, which indeed is not on the runway. But the music had, like I said…

…stopped very soon after I entered the game and no light was on then. I was positioning my free camera somewhere at the airport for getting some screenshots. And it stopped.

And why is it registering a speed violation when I’m taking off. If it can recognise that I’m on a runway without lights on, it can as well recognise that I need to roll of course way to above 30kt ground speed. Please make some adjustments to that. I’ll try if I can reproduce what had happened, maybe a video.


Thx for response,

Yes I turn engines off completely, so I receive a notification "connected successfully, return to app after landing"
Then I switch to inf Pax, no report is completed, only view report and if I press it, it shows flight cancelled with no save button


Strobes will also be turned on and then turned off when crossing runways



just an update i have managed to let it work, just reset my device to factory settings and reinstalled both apps and it is now working normal,

seems was something related to my device settings

thanks for support and help


please use landing lights when crossing runway. strobes for takeoff.
im not saying your wrong, ive just based the rules on this post: