Introducing Infinite Passengers


What new feature are they now?


What does app offer.?


Hi. Can out the video on here also quite a few on youtube.


is this app for free? sorry if this question was asked before


No. The application is $4.99.


I know it was free for a limited time a few days ago, not too sure about right now. You can check with the links in the top post.



I’ve purchased the app as I wanted to use the Airline mode (android).
I’ve used it but I noticed several glitches from time to time it doesn’t acknowledge the landing. In the beginning of the flight it’s all good, safety announcements, also when start descending.
But after landing, the behavior becomes random: sometimes the announcements of the crew attendants is happening, and the flight is recorded well. But sometimes is not and I loose an >1 hour flight and recognition.

I’m doing exactly the same steps in both situations.
Please advise.



Wouldn’t it be nice if we had alliances which big airlines would make?


A possibility to aver an update for company gol to have 100% audio in Portuguese. It was a frustration a 100% Brazilian company with Portuguese and English audio


How possible you get a exceed 2.0g when you are steadily cruising FL350 M0.84?


I mean, I get this warning every flight but I did nothing wrong.


It’s bugging me when I open it for an update, but I see nothing on the App Store. My device is two weeks old, running iOS 11, so it should be supported. What’s happening?


I believe the Singapore Airlines safety video hasn’t been updated yet. It’s still playing the old safety video for me.


hi all. for any support issues please create a ticket at

things we’re aware of:

  • ios sound loading could be better. this will hopefully be released today
  • in ios on landing users getting taxi speed violation. this should be fixed later today
  • airline specific sounds during flight. we’re trying to introduce airline seatbelt, descent and post landing sounds where its possible to source the audio. so far we have turkish airlines, arabic speaking airlines and some singapore sounds. we will introduce others where possible. if you have the relevant sounds for your airline feel free to PM them to me and ill include them in app if they are suitable.

thanks all. happy flying!

ps if you have any ideas for new things you would really like to see in the app please PM me


I love this app. sad thing is the airline PA’s are paid. If i buy one do I unlock all? Its pretty expensive if you buy them separately.


ios update be available now. please update.

also customised inflight sounds for:

  • easyjet
  • TAP
  • New zealand (partial)
  • KLM
  • Qantas (partial)
  • American Airlines (partial)
  • Lufthansa (partial)


… and added British airways (post landing sound) and Aeroflot (complete sounds)


After witnessing the Last flight of AirBerlin, I learned and suggest for a tribute for AirBerlin. I hope this linked Video will add for the music AirBerlin.



@Capt.SkyWalker will look into it


Next version of Infinite PAX will also take engine state and lights into account.

When on runway and cleared to take off you must turn on strobe lights. Please check this video if you have any questions Landing Lights & Strobes

Currently in the app if you cross runways during taxi the music/announcement stops - this will be fixed as now turning on the strobes will be the stop point for the sounds.

Also to complete a flight you will need to turn the engines off after parking. At the moment if you stop during taxi to gate that stopped the music which isnt great.