Introducing Infinite Passengers


please fix audio pt gives GOL


can you add SAS boarding announcement? :)


very strange! ill have a look


yeah its going to be because of the name change :(
Ill deploy urgent fix.


The release 4.4.0 (hopefully available by tomorrow evening) will fix this.


Hello again @Luqman_Hussain,

Thanks for the quick 4.4.0 fix. I mean this was a really quick response.

Unfortunately I have to report that it’s still not working! Now, the A320 (haven’t tried anything else yet) has been recognised, but whilst on the loading screen, messages pop up, such as “Zero G flight” or “Exceded 2.0 G”.
I am not sure what’s the proper order to launch the apps though.

As soon as IF loaded, I have received a “Flight Report complete” message as well, with still funny results, please see screenshot attached below.

I will try to load IF first, and then load IP, just in case it makes any difference.


I’ve started IF first and loaded IP after I was on the ground. I had no issues with the flight report this time, though haven’t completed a flight just done a pushback.

With the right hand slider all the way down and all the audio set to the max in IF, I couldn’t get hear the ATC nor the engine sound whilst the safety announcement been played.

Do I do something wrong or is this could be another issue?


hi @Jeno_Farkas check this video and let me know. Ive never had anyone mention that problem before. try uninstall Infinite Flight and reinstall.


I like this app,and have used it for a long time.


I have reinstalled the app, and at that exact moment I have realised that my phone was muted with the side switch. I am so embarrassed now! 😞 Thanks for the fast response! Oh, and of course, it works perfectly with the update! 😊


cool :) good to know.


Hi, I was thinking for feedback and future updates maybe you could make it so when the seatbelt sign comes on the stewardness announces to sit down due to turbulence etc, and then when the sign is off, it says you can move around the cabin again. Only if possible though just a suggestion. Thanks.


I recently installed infinite passengers and it seems to me an excellent complement of 10 but I have to make a nuance. For example, I use the sound theme of iberia that is in Spanish and only speaks in Spanish in the security message. the voice of hostess of the beginning and the landing is English so it would give more realism that they were also in Spanish


Great app guys, just one issue, it keeps saying I hit 2Gs. On autopilot and it randomly says 2Gs. Straight and level flight. Idk if it is on your end or infinite flights end…? Just kind of annoying because I end up disregarding a few hours of flight because of this.


Just wondering if anyone is working on the 2g and 0g flight errors? The zero G starts when I go to the loading screen of infinite flight, and the 2G occurs normally after I switch camera angles. It’s very annoying and does not allow the passengers app to function accurately.


Here is a screen shot of how messed up it gets. Lol. Wish I could have saved this flight!


Great app. Please look into adding passenger voices for throughout the flight. I will donate for part of the development of this feature if it can be confirmed.


hmm the Safety videos tend to be overlapped with the IAP on board announcements and then if you try to cancel it it starts to repeat again in a loop. The update seems kinda buggy.


please update to latest release (out now) and PM me if you have any issues and ill take a look.


if on android try restartign device