Introducing Infinite Passengers


Adiciona companhias de língua portuguesa. . . existe uma comunidade do IF muito grande de usuários do IF que merecem isso. . .
Parabéns pela aplicação e continua o bom trabalho que tens feito…!!!
R: é a recompensa pelo trabalho que vocês tiveram à faze-lo…!!! Muito obrigado…!!!


Wow!! Very unique idea. I’m definitely gonna have to try this app out!


I just have a few questions

  1. Is there a way to leave an airline and if so how?
  2. Is there a way to reject pilots from joining your airline? I have about 75 pilots who want to join and I am not sure what to do if I don’t want them
  3. Can you release pilots from your airline? (Fire them in other words)


yes you can reject pilots. if you go into the messages screen, next to the request there will be accept/reject buttons

to resign from someone elses airline, select the airline, on the planes screen at the bottom right tap the airline name button, choose Pilots tab, scroll down do your name and choose resign


This does not work for me at all, I set the time it would take for me to fly, flew there and said, “Looks like you have not landed yet.”


what is the probability of having the voice of flight attendant of Brazilian airline GOL, TAM, AVIANCA?


For some reason some airlines don’t work like if i press a airline and i press continue then it will crash on me and close the app. Is this resolved yet?


@Kevin_James pleas read the post :)


It’s really nice. I like the cargo option as well. Good job!


It might be advisable to post your requests here:


@Luqman_Hussain The certificate for has expired.
Please rectify as we need the site to manage our accounts

While you’re at it please make it so that we can leave airlines :)


It comes up with insecure website on firefox and i cant visit it


I mean it is possible to visit the site by disregarding the expired certificate warnings screaming at you but at the same time it’s kinda scary as it may have very well been compromised


That’s because it’s marked with HTTPS but doesn’t have a valid certificate. It is a safe website, just transferring sensitive data on it on public WiFi is a bad idea


yeah sorry about that. it was fixed few days ago.


Hello @Luqman_Hussain,

I am really enjoying using your app. I have recently updated to Global on iOS, and since I am getting “this plane does not match selected” messages.

This happened with the Airbus A320, which is purchased in my PAX airline, and I was trying to fly the A320, double checked it!

Could the issue being caused by the aircraft’s name been changed from “A320” to “A320-200”?

Same applies to at least the A318, A319, and A321, their names been extended with either -100 or -200.

Could you please be able to look at this?

Thank you!


Hello @Luqman_Hussain.
Since global came out, I haven’t been able to fly my A320 with Infinite Pax. When ever I select A320 in IF, and A320 in Infinite Pax, as soon as I load in, I get lots of notifications saying "This plane does not match selected"
I have checked lots of times if I have made a mistake, but I don’t know what’s going on.
Here are some pictures to help.


I had the same problem! :) It just wouldn’t allow me to fly A320 😭😭 so sad.

I agree with this.


I’ve posted this in the Infinite Passengers Feature Request thread as well not long ago. I’ve had the same with the A321, and this issue will probably effect the A318 and A319 as well, if not anything else. The name in IF changed for the planes. Also, if you click on the error message, you will get a flight report with hilarious results! 😂

Edit : I have removed the post from the Feature request thread to keep it’s purpose to what it is meant to be.

As an addition to the screenshots that @TheAussiePilot posted, this was the result when I clicked on the error message, a complete flight report, though I haven’t even started the engines nor moved:


Hello @Luqman_Hussain

It was a great joy and disappointment when when to see update of the Infinite passenger with the company GOL. The pushback to the commissioner speaks in Portuguese pt-br plus the audio and cut suddenly. to 6,000 feet takeoff, 9,000 feet approach and landing the audio and English. A Brazilian company should have 100% Portuguese audio and do not mix languages.