Introducing Infinite Passengers


Bot just you. For me it’s a bit hit and miss


started using this a few weeks back. love it!


yeah the volume on that function is real low. so turn down IF noise and turn up your device’s


But some times they have the cockpit door open before and after the flight when people are getting off and on. Also, the cock pit door is not completely sound proof so yes some times if its loud enough you can hear it. Also I understand peoples point of view, but I think its just a bit of fun to add to IF.


maybe this app would be more suitable for anyone not enjoying this great app.

as with the cock pit cabin sound issue,


But not to get off topic Infinite passengers is Awesome!


Is there an update in the works that will fix the cargo mode?


I would like to assume that is the case. But I haven’t heard anything yet. I will ask the developer


Anyone know if the Virgin America sound pack comes with the safety video music?


All soundpacks have boarding music I believe this is what you mean, correct me if I am wrong


Virgin America has a song for safety recording, there may be a different song for boarding. Im not sure.


It doesn’t
I can’t hear them too


I was wondering, am I allowed to use airlines’ safety briefings and boarding music in my you tube videos or is there some copyright issues?


Most of the boarding music is copyrighted


Love this App. Definitely adds more to the IF expericence, I enjoy having my own airline and hirining pilots of all skill levels. If I may suggest a feature, being able to communicate with each other in ths airline would be fantastic as I dont know which aircraft to purchase that players enjoy flying.
Great app, worth the money.


Is there any way I can get legal permission to use the music and briefing in my videos?


Unfortunately not unless you contact the airline them selfs and they let you use it (Highly Unlikely) Thanks, ShiKai1


That’s alright, I will just use the generic one.


Really, you’re a beta tester? I have never seen you involved with the beta testing group and quite frankly, I don’t believe that you are what you are claiming to be. I’m going to be checking up on that with luqman and alerting one of the moderators.

As for not wanting negative feedback on this thread, that is completely false and counter-productive. In order to to improve you have to know the negatives. In which case…

I encourage everyone post their feedback about this app, whether positive or negative, on this thread in a constructive manner.


Expect a pm from me momentarily