Introducing Infinite Passengers


Excellent question mate! Maybe I can work with @Luqman_Hussain to get his app translated into Spanish. And then others can help translate it into other languages…


This is a great app I think everyone should download it as it makes the flight a bit more realist


Yes, Thank you @Luqman_Hussain Awesome work


That didn’t do the trick. I installed IP on iPhone while IF is running on iPad. Both devices were connected to the same network. IP app crashed once again on Icelandair.


Recommend raising a support ticket here:


CARGO MODE JUST RELEASED ON IOS PLATFORM ***WARNING IT COSTS $2.99 US DOLLARS with no other information sofar just no other news about the matter (I am just a fan and a user of this app in pair with INFINITE FLIGHT & I am no way affiliated with the two teams) [sidenote:I am unable to download this new feature at the moment any information from other users would be appreciated]


It seems a few people have been having a couple issues with it working properly. Luqman is working to fix those issues. More information will be provided later from the developer


@Nichalas_Petranek thank you!!! I thought I was the only one. I heavily regret updating at this point. I hope they fix it ASAP. Infinite passengers is a key component to my infinite flight experience and at this point My infinite flight plans are grounded until Infinite passengers is fixed. I am sorry for my frustration but on my day off i didnt expect it to break the app. Thank you for the information, if anyone can inform me of any updates it would be greatly appreciated.


The app is crashing on my Android tablet someone help…me only genetics work other don’t y , everytime its says app not responding wait or close…don’t understand


@Luqman_Hussain I have just bought this cargo add on but it isn’t working. I keep getting this message:


I’m just saying this, if your a pilot Behind the cockpit door you aren’t going to here the safety announcement and boarding music…


Well then what’s the point of safety music? It just makes things funnier and more realistic.


The thing is it’s not realistic from the cockpit! If your doing a wing view thing than its realistic… but not from the cockpit


Look, that’s honestly the point of the app. I like to hear that it’s playing, and too me it adds realism.


That’s your opinion, and I respect that! But my opinion is that that is a weird feature


Especially the BA safety video lol


@UPS747 The safety announcement comes from within the aircraft and that is the basis of having it in the app which is what @jdag2004 is pointing out to you. Feel free to shut the announcement off if it doesn’t apply to your likeness. ;)


@Luqman_Hussain got some problems in the past with IF Pax… it don’t connect to IF even all settings are good to go… I deleted the app and downloadet it again but now I’m stuck in restoring Purchases which never will come to a end and ask me several times to redownload any soundpack i buyed…


Just me or does it not call V speeds?


Okay anyone having problems connecting to infinite flight from infinite pax on apple ios such as @Silu_Ott or i, i have a fix on IOS (APPLE) to connect to infinite flight and complete flights! I have been speaking to beta tester @Nichalas_Petranek and i can post with more info or make a new topic for the fix when i hear from him. Anyone else with questions please pm me in the meantime