Introducing Infinite Passengers


It’s running in the background and no.


And other sound packs run fine?


None of them are after waiting serveral minutes.


So you mean there are no all different kinds of safety videos right?


No I just downloaded infinite passenger and it worked for five to two minutes and the music died…🙅


Make sure you have a stable internet connection


There are but they’re not high quality.


Okay, gotcha. I know the devs will improve the best they can!


I am using my office WiFi or maybe its not powerful enough?I Have just deleted the app now iam trying it again as speak to u…thanx let’s wait see now


I can’t reach 100 points. i start, fly and land without any errors. and i only get “Good” and “85/100” why?


Are you entering an estimated flight time?


awesome, the newest one for the B77W is on Youtube i guess :) thanks for this App, keep up the great Work, really love it, i will spend my money on the next Soundpacks who will come in the furure 👍🙌


No. Is that a bug or something?


No, your supposed to add the estimated flight time you are flying for. You can arrive 5 minutes before or after the ETA (estimated time of arrival)


I’ve had this app for a few days now and I love it! It’s quit a remarkable app, great job man!


When we’re landed, the announcement sound is changed to generic sound? Although i choose (example) a United sound?
*sorry for my english 😀


I purchased & tested the Icelandair and Norwegian packs.

The one of Icelandair doesn’t work. When switching between IF and IP, I get a message saying IP-app has crashed.

The Norwegian pack is working just fine! Safety briefing in Norwegian: takk!

Any chance of having SAS and Finnair in the future?


The airline sound you pick only plays from puskback to takeoff. Not when landing.


I suggest installing infinite passengers on a second wifi compatible device and using it that way. This tends to give the best results as far as performance. Just make sure both devices are connected to the same wifi network.


When is the spanish version coming?