Introducing Infinite Passengers


@thebluejaysfan welcome to the forums. Actually you are incorrect. Time starts upon liftoff from the runway and ends upon touchdown onto the runway.


I don’t think it will, only the app has become free for a limited time

  1. This isn’t a bug. Only newer safety videos are in high quality. Older safety videos for the 737 are taken by camera so the sound isn’t as pleasant and great.


But it crashes like the infinite passenger lite coz it doesn’t and what different between the two anyway?


It would be about R70, fellow South African. :)

I don’t know where I saw this. Is all the sound packs free now? Along with the adding of the SAA safety video? Thanks…


Ooh thanx @jdag2004 but R70 is not that much let’s just hope it will be all Worth it


I’m sure it will! Just wanting to know, because I heard that there is now a SAA sound track. 😳


😂😂😂😂 its great to have SAA coz I was beginning to wonder… Whether SAA was not good enough for the app you know!..


No, trust me, SAA is good for every app!


👊👊👊👊fist pump to that …totally


I hope it is! Would make a perfect addition to the SAA A346.

Sorry for clogging up this topic…


Its cool,let’s just make sure we don’t go off topic😊

love those colours


Haha, thanks for the small correction. But I would recommend installing every safety video talking about the aircraft I’m flying for the current flight. That maintains realism ;)


As ive said the sound would be muffled as there are no high quality safety videos on the internet other than crappy videos taken from peoples phones. To maintain realism only high quality official safety videos are added.


My infinite passenger is crashing it works in beginning and the stop I don’t understand y is this happening?


Are you also using the assistant app?


The Ryanair add on does not work at all, I tried switching airports/aircraft/callsign/server and nothing.


I have just tested it and it’s working fine for me. Are you sure the infinite flight connect tab is ticked in the settings.


It’s ticked, I tried it again and still nothing, latest version of both apps. Also I was charged for something I didn’t even buy and it isn’t showing that I bought it in the app.


Make sure infinite passengers is running in the background. Also do you get a text saying infinite passengers has connected successfully whilst on infinite flight?