Introducing Infinite Passengers

I did restart my phone, still it has the problem

Try deleting then reinstalling the app

I can show my screen recording…but I can’t post it here…

I tried it now…still doesn’t help

As a person who codes and builds games. I can say that it is so true. You will have more frustrating experiences than you can count, only to realize that the solution is super easy. You will also prabobly want at least 6 months of line coding practice with Kia, JavaScript, or CSharp.

I actually didn’t know that. Although I haven’t put a app on the App Store.

Well, to be more clear, they charge you $99 for a developer’s license. You can’t post any apps on the store without it.

Also, Kia isn’t a programming language…


Sorry, I meant lua, autocorrect changed it to Kia. And it sounded like they charged $99 a year to keep it on the store.

Developers. I recently bought the Qatari Sound Pack and I would like to know if later you plan to improve the style of your sound packs. The sound feels like the announcements are a recording, and not a real flight attendant quickly running through safety announcements. This is of course, a small realistic request. In other means the app is great. One more thing! Unfortunately I’m not getting V speed callouts!
Thank you!

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After having ‘infinite flight passenger’ for months now I was able to do a full flight without it disconnecting. Thanks!


for some reason, when I play infinite flight with the infinite passengers connected, I don’t have anything to tell me how I’m going because they all end up as notifications in the notification center and yes I have the thing on for getting them to come down on the screen . plz help

it would be nice for an answer because I don’t want to know I wasted money when I know it’s a good add on

I would like to help you but I don’t undertsand what your issue is… Maybe if you show some screenshots it will be helpful.
Are you playing on a Android device or not?

theirs not really anything to screenshot im on ios

so what happens is that all notifications go up in the notifications center but when I enable for the infinite passengers one to come down it dosent , I own an ipad mini 2 with the latest updates

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This is most likely an issue that Luqman may need to fix himself through the code.

However, there are some options you can try:

• Reinstall the app
• Try re-enabling the notifications


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Hello, thanks for that, these are some things that I have done hopefully itll be fixed

How do i choose to select sound of crew announcement to be clear and not through the door

@Luqman_Hussain I’ve reported a problem with my infinite passenger on 4th April & I haven’t get the reply yet is this a seriousness if you are doing a business I haven’t used the infinite passenger since then only have it in my device as it is in a showcase I’ve linked to my problem this time please look into it hope i’ll get the reply this time

It may take a few days for him to get back to you @shanawaz_shirgaonkar

@shanawaz_shirgaonkar asked his question over two months ago. That’s way more than a few days 🙄