Introducing Infinite Passengers


I would recommend deleting this post given that you have started a pm with myself and the developer.


When I purchase a new sound pack, it won’t download for me. I tried re-installing the app (bad idea) and now none of them will download when I hit restore purchases. Is anyone else having this problem?


Great app. Without it IF could get borring pretty quickly. PAX can be extended (as already started :)) to add a RPG dimension or a mangement one - I love the airline mode. Well done!


Same problem. I think don’t turn off your landing light until parking gate. I hope. They will separate landing lights and taxi lights in IF.


Resolved. You have to turn on the landing lights before taxi, turn them off at 10,000ft, turn them on below 10,000ft and turn them off at the end of the flight when the engines are turned off. Not come back (-5) ever again.


@Capt.SkyWalker and @Jorgillo, kindly follow the rules that are to be followed in the IF: Landing Lights & Strobes

Landing lights are only for take off and landing, and not for taxiing. We may get a taxi light in a further update, but till then, refrain from using the landing lights while taxiing especially in Expert server. Avoid being misled by a third party app that says otherwise.


I know the rules. I know landing lights are for takeoff and landings. But in IFpax App, I will get -5 points for not using landing lights after exiting the runway. That’s why IFpax need to change this for not getting violation in IF.


Exactly, sir. The developer needs to look into this matter.


I already send an email regarding on this issue.


You can run IF assistant at the same time. I already tried it, and it seems to work


I hope the developer would add ‘custom’ landing announcements, like arriving at an specific airport. For example:


In my opinion, I think it’s impossible because we are flying different destinations and time. If the developers can make it, then it will take lot of work. It’s better first to complete the Safety announcement of each Airline.


I have a problem. I have purchased the air Europa sound package and it does not sound at all. there is no music at any time or safety instructions.


Am I the only one running my Infinite Passengers airline in heavy debt? As in over a billion dollars in the negative for my available cash…


I really don’t use passengers, but if your in debt I suggest you start flying with passengers on all the time to get that up :)


There was a problem with that initially but fixed a while ago. Any issues please raise ticket at


Any issues please create ticket at

I only say this because I respond there much more frequently


Amazing app, I just got it today and it is already amazing😍. One question does the airline management part of the game for live only.


Hello and thanks for the app. Are you planning on adding the new aircrafts MD/DCs to the application’s list of fleet, and if yes when (ball park)?


Yeah that’s what I’m wondering too