Introducing Infinite Passengers

How was space? How long were you up there for? Lol

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This is wrong:

^^^^^ Thats a Q-300, not Q400.


Why is it now $3.99 thought you said it was $1.99

Are you using the same monetary system as @Luqman_Hussain :)

I really want this yet I want something else for another game that’s on sale so I’ll buy it soon

Hey @Luqman_Hussain, I just updated and went to do a flight to try on the new sounds. However, after I click on Start on Infinite Passengers and head on to IF I get the “found infinite flight” message, but then " connection error: no route to host" message pops up.

Also, if I try to open IP while IF is already running it would cause IF to crash.

I was not getting the connection error before updating the app.

Thank you for looking into this.

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The exact situation happened to me. Infinite Passengers would tell me the souls on board and then I would go to Infinite Flight, where IP would first say Infinite Flight found but then would say Connection error.

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I checked the latest reviews on the play store, and the latest reviews are mentioning the same issue. I’m sure Luqman is already aware and is working om a fix.

I LOVE this idea! :)

Should be fixed if everyone updates to the latest version.

CONNECTION error?! I’ve NEVER seen that message, BUT…I’ve had OTHER
issues such as no v-speed callouts.

I haven’t had time to log on IF, but I will report back when I do.


If I receive a phone call, and ignore it, the connection between the two apps is still lost. And I always happen to get a call about 30 mins into a flight lol. Landing doesn’t record, no decent or landing announcements, it’s a punch in the gut every time it happens.

Also, somehow I went from positive $10mil, to negative $100mil after the update.

I have a problem,

I created a new account, after which the app,asked me for my Airline name and the founders name, after clicking on easy, medium or hard, a white screen appears and then it takes me back to the sign in page…

Try restarting your device

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@Luqman_Hussain, whenever I start a flight the music would play normally, but if im sitting at the gate too long making my flight plan the music suddenly stops. Its like the connection times out because I dont get any annoucements, could you look into this please?

I did restart my phone, still it has the problem

Try deleting then reinstalling the app

I can show my screen recording…but I can’t post it here…

I tried it now…still doesn’t help