Introducing Infinite Passengers


Hi all,

Ive been busy creating a companion app for Infinite Flight, which adds the whole passengers and income dimension to the IF experience. Its available on the App Store for iOS and Play Store for Android

There is a one off charge for the app which gives access to Free play mode in which you get a rating for how well you fly, however the Airline mode is available as a separate (small) monthly subscription. Im not trying to make a profit just enough to cover development time. Im flexible on this so let me know what works and what doesn’t.

Please note this app is not affiliated in anyway with Infinite Flight or FlyingDevStudios.

How to use:

  • Install Infinite Passengers on either the same device as Infinite Flight or a separate device on the same Wifi network

  • Ensure Wifi is connected (this doesn’t work over mobile data)

  • In Infinite Flight go to Settings and enable Infinite Flight Connect

  • Start the flight in Infinite Passengers and return to Infinite Flight, if you allowed notifications then within a few seconds you should see "Connected successfully message. If you don’t then something went wrong and you will have to close the apps and try again.

Feel free to contact me here or via PM or twitter: @IF_PAX

Happy Flying!

If you require support with the app please create a ticket at:

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I’m asuming you can’t run IF Assistant whilst using?


Also contact me here


We haven’t tested it but I will get on top of it now


You should be able to.


This ought to be interesting. I’ll experiment for you. I’m only asking for 20% of all profits made.



In Free Flight, what sort of stats do you display after the flight?

Is the landing VS recorded?


Yes it is. But it just shows if it was too fast.


It works with IF assistant


It was just tested right now


What does the app actually do?
And what for should people spend so much money? :O



The app will be $1.99 one off purchase, Im just waiting for the latest version to be approved on app store.

As for what it does… it allows you to create an airline, manage funds and fleet, fly passengers, improve (or worsen) your airlines ranking based on how you fly. Compete with others users for the best airline.

Depending on take up of the app the future versions would introduce failures in the aircraft based on age, ability to trade aircraft with other users.


As Borat would say it could be a , " great success" or huge failure …

Best of luck thou


So far v0.15.0 is looking to be a “great success”


Dear @Overspeed this app will bring hopefully many great things in the future


I thought the monthly fee was getting wiped off the window. At least that’s what you told me:


Yes it is getting wiped off as soon as Apple approve the latest version. Hopefully a day or two.


I pmd you about the app :)


Has anyone had a play on this yet and can offer a comprehensive review, I’m hesitant to pay for an app with no reviews or videos.


Looks interesting. I’m about to go overseas for a week or so, so won’t be on IF, but I think I’ll download it and have a play around when I return. I’ll warn you, I’m a harsh critic (but I’ll PM you any constructive feedback!)