Introducing Infinite Flight Tanker Services VO


Nice thread. Nice VO. Nice website. Nice tankers. Nice everything. Looking forward to joining.

Not gonna lie I was seriously considering to make this before I joined other partners with a different VA. Glad the idea is now in better hands ;)

Congrats! I will definitely be joining :)


Nice VO!

What is you’re next flight for refueling ?

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Hum… did the SEC approve this? Seems to be a conflict of interest here…


Sent in a app few hours ago.

Stoked to see how this VA will turn out.

Sent in an application last night, looks like a fun VA to be a part in.

for reference purpose, I have made FLP for the to rw training tracks of the RNLAF.
See here:

Great idea! Will check you guy s out.
You could add Diego Garcia, it’s in the Indian Ocean. I forget the code.

This is very cool. Definetly going try join soon!

Not enough hours in the day to run it. Sorry gang.