Introducing Infinite Flight Tanker Services VO

Originally the tankers would fly routes and pilots could hook up whenever. I wanted to see how things shook out and if we need to add a request form we can do that. But keep in mind it takes time to get to your location and we cant take off at every airport along the way. In real live these events are planned before hand.


Oh ok thank you.Chris

Neat! We’re doing an almost identical thing with the tankers in Aerosync!

I can see an increase in cargo VAs. Plus we have the water tankers to put out the fires in California. (Stay safe those of you out there)

I submit a application!

Verry nice.
You might want to add the RNAF Base EHEH Eindhoven to your activ bases. It is the home of the KDC10 that is also available in IF.

@Chris_S. MaxSez… Chris, note a separate “Refueling Request Thread” Topic this date. Is this a coordinated effort or stand alone? , If stand alone suggest combine effort to resolve inevitable conflict. Additionally, Will a Standard Fueling Track/Procedure Be established/published with Altitude/Speed/Lineup/Brake-off procedures etc? Do Good Work, BZ



Major question: How does one apply for being Admin Staff?

Just shoot me a private message. That should work.

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Nice thread. Nice VO. Nice website. Nice tankers. Nice everything. Looking forward to joining.

Not gonna lie I was seriously considering to make this before I joined other partners with a different VA. Glad the idea is now in better hands ;)

Congrats! I will definitely be joining :)


Nice VO!

What is you’re next flight for refueling ?

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Hum… did the SEC approve this? Seems to be a conflict of interest here…


Sent in a app few hours ago.

Stoked to see how this VA will turn out.

Sent in an application last night, looks like a fun VA to be a part in.

for reference purpose, I have made FLP for the to rw training tracks of the RNLAF.
See here:

Great idea! Will check you guy s out.
You could add Diego Garcia, it’s in the Indian Ocean. I forget the code.

This is very cool. Definetly going try join soon!

Not enough hours in the day to run it. Sorry gang.