Introducing Infinite Flight Tanker Services VO

Introducing Infinite Flight Tanker Services VO!

Aerial refueling is the process of transferring aviation fuel from one military aircraft (the tanker) to another (the receiver) during flight. The procedure allows the receiving aircraft to remain airborne longer, extending its range or loiter time on station. A series of air refuelings can give range limited only by crew fatigue and engineering factors such as engine oil consumption. Because the receiver aircraft can be topped up with extra fuel in the air, air refueling can allow a takeoff with a greater payload which could be weapons, cargo, or personnel: the maximum takeoff weight is maintained by carrying less fuel and topping up once airborne. Alternatively, a shorter take-off roll can be achieved because take-off can be at a lighter weight before refueling once airborne.

Our mission is simple, to provide mid-flight refueling services to our beloved pilots.

Why join IFTS?

Sure, you can fire up the tanker any time and refuel whomever you prefer. But we offer a fun atmosphere where flights can be logged. Our simple to use website is coded from the ground up for IFTS. Sign up, fly, log your flights online. No worrying about fake money, points, or special rank stickers.

Where can I fly?

The whole world is available but we try to stick to flights between the US bases around the world.

What are the pilot requirements?

We ask that you be at least grade 3 with access to the expert server. Since our mission is to give back to the pilots, you should also give back as a community member. We ask that you be in good standing in the online community.

How do I sign up to be a pilot?
  • First, go to
  • Look around for a bit, and then under the pilots menu select “Become a Pilot”.
  • Fill out the application and it will be reviewed.
  • You will receive an email when your application as been approved.
There doesn't seem much to the VO, anything else?

As a VO we opted to go for a simpler model. We are just a group of pilots that like flying tankers!

For more information or to look around, please visit We look forward to you joining our team. But hey, if it’s not for you maybe we can top off your tank every now and then.


Very nice idea. Finally something new in the VA section again!


Thanks. Nothing too formal. Just a fun way to provide a service to pilots as a group.


Thinking of joining already. Looks like a fun VA to me

Looks great Chris! This will definitely interest many IFC members :)

in the application must give the password of the IFC account?

This has definitely got to be the VO of the season.

No it is a password just to get to the secure area of the website. I will make a note on the webpage.

Everything is encrypted on the database.

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By the way, how do pilot’s request for the service if needed? Is there a place on the website where you can request for refueling?

This looks great! I will definitely consider joining!

i applied to join. i hope i make i

Originally the tankers would fly routes and pilots could hook up whenever. I wanted to see how things shook out and if we need to add a request form we can do that. But keep in mind it takes time to get to your location and we cant take off at every airport along the way. In real live these events are planned before hand.


Oh ok thank you.Chris

Neat! We’re doing an almost identical thing with the tankers in Aerosync!

I can see an increase in cargo VAs. Plus we have the water tankers to put out the fires in California. (Stay safe those of you out there)

I submit a application!

Verry nice.
You might want to add the RNAF Base EHEH Eindhoven to your activ bases. It is the home of the KDC10 that is also available in IF.

@Chris_S. MaxSez… Chris, note a separate “Refueling Request Thread” Topic this date. Is this a coordinated effort or stand alone? , If stand alone suggest combine effort to resolve inevitable conflict. Additionally, Will a Standard Fueling Track/Procedure Be established/published with Altitude/Speed/Lineup/Brake-off procedures etc? Do Good Work, BZ



Major question: How does one apply for being Admin Staff?

Just shoot me a private message. That should work.

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