Introducing Infinite Flight Remote Cockpit app

This is a good idea!
I have a few of questions-

  1. Will it be available for Apple and android?
  2. Will it be free or paid? And if paid, how much? I’m willing to pay up to $3.99
  3. When approximately will it be available?

Perhaps there might be someone within the community that could team up with you to help expedite development. I would however suggest taking your time because if you nail this down, it could very well be an app used by most if not all IF pilots with multiple devices. Great job and good luck with this. I for one will purchase this extraordinary idea upon release.


How much $? Great for my iPad Pro/Apple TV

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Astonishing work I will download as soon as possible.

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Will I be able to link to a Samsung tv?

Thanks guys for all your answers and feedback !
To answer some of your questions :

  • It should be available for iOS and Android
  • It will be paid, not sure how much for now
  • It still has some bugs to fix
  • I don’t know when it will be ready, probably in a few weeks, I try to make it quick, but that’s a side project

I’ll keep you informed !


Sweet will be waiting. You gonna make it so you can connect to Samsung tv from iOS device?

Will it work with a iOS 6 iPod? It’s so cool!

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I can take a look, but I’m not sure. If your Samsung TV is running Infinite Flight on Android, it should work as the TV was a tablet, but I don’t have any smart TV to test it …

hm, I don’t know, we can make a test when it’s ready for beta

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Looking forward to try it out! Well done for making such a cool app! 👏

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You are an absolute genius!

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Haha thanks but I’m not sure, actually real genius are the developers of Infinite Flight itself


If you need a beta tester, look no further 😉

Looks decent, but as I’m a throroughbred Android user it’s not interesting for me.

The phone I use as a remote is actually Android

I noticed that yes, but I don’t have a second device to play the simulator on.

Nice. I can help with testing if needed!


does it come out for Androit or IOS?

both of them

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