Introducing Infinite Flight Police Virtual Airline

Hello everyone so… It has come where my second VA has arrived. I just made the VA, it’s about a police virtual Airline, where it responds for dispatches. We have two types of Emergencies, Emergencies, where serious situations occur E.X respond to a plane pursing, rush to a crime scene. Then we have non emergencies. These are less serious situations that occur E.X bad behaviour and not responding to the rules.
We also have our website

We are also looking for staff positions

Owner: @TheCuriousPilot



Head of Emergencies Department

Head of Non-Emergencies Department

Fleet Manger

Route Manger

Event Manger

Chief Pilot

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Basically the same thing


Its slightly irrelevant to have this VA


Im sorry to say, but I agree, not meant to make you feel bad, but it just seems like an unrealistic idea both in IF and in real life, sorry again

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