Introducing: Infinite Flight Photo Database


Greetings all!

I’m happy to introducing a project I’m working on called the 'Infinite Flight Photo Database.'

The name describes it really. It will be a website/area where I aim to have numerous photos for every single aircraft and their respective liveries in different airports/regions across IF! Sort of like Wikipedia Commons or a stock photo library but for IF.

I have yet to create a website, as there is no need at this point.

It’s a huge task so I need your help! Please see below the requirements for submitting photos. If you want to help in another way please DM me or see the tab below!


[details=How to submit a photo:]There are two ways of submitting photos.The first method is better , as it is easier to catalogue, but you can use either or.

  • Email:

Send your photo(s) to

Please format your emails like this:

Subject: [Manufacturer] [Model] [Livery] [Time Setting] [Airport]
Example: Airbus, A319 , British Airways, Sunset, EGLL/LHR

  • DM

You can Direct Message me here on the forum with your photo, however it means I have to individually save every photo which takes longer. If you don’t have email then you can use this!
Please still use the subject format in the body of the DM so I can easily catalouge![/details]

[details=Photo Requirements (Important please read!)]Only photos that follow these requirements will be accepted!

  • You must crop the Instrument Dock (the bar at the bottom) out of the photo
  • If you are in Live mode, please enable the following in settings : Hide Airplane Names, Hide Airplane Dots.
  • Please also disable in settings : Airport Names and Landing Aid.
  • Please set your graphics to as high as is possible on your device so we can get higher quality images.

We are currently most seeking unedited (apart from cropping) photos. We love seeing these, however we need some unedited photos first, and will ask for creative photos afterwards. You can still submit them, but they will not be added first.[/details]

[details=How else can I help?]

If you want to give me a helping hand, then we need!

  • Website Editor:
    Although I am fully able to create a website, if you are passionate or very skilled and are interested, this would be helpful. If you can show any websites you’ve created before that would be even better, so we can see your skill.

  • Backlog Photographer
    If you are good at getting some amazing photos on IF and/or possibly run a Instagram photo page and would like to help get photos we don’t have then we need you! We will contact you and provide you with a list of aircraft and liveries that we need that we don’t currently have.[/details]


Sounds pretty intresting!


How do we know if someone already gave you a photo of a certain aircraft?

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Multiple photos are fine because we are looking for as many different angles and positions (Taxi, Cruising, Takeoff and Landing) as possible. We will include all photos submitted (per meeting requirments.)

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I’d submit, but my photos are heavily edited

Take photos and don’t edit them, simple. ;)


Sounds like a good idea, good luck

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