Introducing Infinite Flight Catalina

Recently, I’ve been spending a lot more time at home due to the virus hence spending a lot more time staring at my computer. So, one day, I was looking at the macOS 10.15 Catalina wallpaper on my laptop and wondered to myself, hm, maybe I could recreate this in Infinite Flight! Here’s the result of that. Also here is a video of some guy who recreated the macOS Catalina wallpaper IRL

Thanks to Apple’s crack product marketing team and their VW Minibus (that can fly/swim), we have been introduced to Catalina Island which is a beautiful piece of land of the coast of Southern California.

Taken on the Expert Server on Catalina Island near the Catalina Island KAVX airport. This airport’s runway is way too short. I believe @AnonymouslyAnonymous can fill you in on the full story of my incident yikes! And so if you are ever looking for a challenging place to practice T/G and explore natural beauties, head on over to KAVX.

So, without any further ado, here is the wallpaper I recreated in Infinite Flight (with some minor editing afterwards)!

And here’s three behind the scenes shots of the AA CRJ-200 I used to get the photos!

Hope you enjoyed this interesting post haha!


This is pretty funny, my mom got a new Mac today so these pictures are fresh in my mind!


Ya, it’s pretty close to the real deal! If I find the time, I might recreate some more in infinite flight

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Nice shots, even though I hoped to see this Catalina


Yep that does look cool too!

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Oh you only overran one time… crashed… and well burned and could of possibly died only one time😅.image
Next up “Bliss” the Windows XP default background. Photographed Charles O’Rear🙃. Lol love if this was actually possible to do in IF.😂


Tell that to the A380 I buttered and successfully stopped there.

Fun fact, Catalina Island has been a hot spot for Unexplainable Aerial Phenomenon for decades. Dating back to the 50s, UFO sightings have been reported. When Project Blue Book (Project Blue Book as an official project undertaken by the Air Force into the investigation of UFOs through sightings) was released to the public, a lot of sightings from this island were found in it.


Great job with these photos!

IF is getting better and better with their scenery.

Keep up with the good work 😄👍!

well… bliss sadly isn’t as blue and green as it was anymore