Introducing IFVATC

Hello Infinite Flight community:

@DS2001 and I are proud to present IFVATC. IFVATC stands for Infinite Flight Verbal Air Traffic Control. This is a spin off of IFSIM which recently closed there doors. As always, we operate on the Casual (Free Flight) server. If you want to join, please join the discord We are planning our launch event and we want to make this event huge. Also, please check out our website

Founder of IFVATC,



Hi Ryan I would like to join (as a pilot). I was a part of IFSIM, so I have some experience with verbal ATC :)

Hey guys. Our new system is finally coming into play! We need pilots and controllers. Some experience is required to fly as a pilot! Check out our new website, the pilot section is non-existant at this moment. It will come!

Many of our instructors are either really experienced aviation students in the real world, or Vatsim. We make sure our controllers know their stuff! Pilots must have some experience with ATC over Voice!

Bump. Still looking for controllers and pilots. Join us:

Just joined the discord group.

Nice. It is still a work in progress

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I joined as well. Interested in ATC, though little experience, I’m sure I can learn quickly.

Have you filled out an application?

I am currently. [quote=“N1RG, post:8, topic:56740, full:true”]
Have you filled out an application?

I have gotten in to discord and would like to know how I can plan for attending a verbal session