Introducing IFPS - Infinite Flight Parking Services

Hello guys

###Do you organize an event but you dont have the time to assign each pilot a great parking number?

##Infinite Flight Parking Services
The group of community members who help you and manage parking spawns for all the events.

##What IFPS consists of?
IFPS will be a team of some community members who wants to help together for organizing parking assignations for big events, like the JFK dash-8 event the 12 march 2016. Where i have listed all gates of SFO then each pilot

##How i can join?
You can tell/join our staff here. If you want be a member of IFPS, just DM me :)


  • grxninesix
  • @Huw

##What we do in Events thread?
We list all parkings of the departure airport and all pilots who will come request a gate.
IFPS member will put the pilot name in the selected gate.

This will give thing like that

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#New Website Project
###Find your favorite airport gatelist on the future website then paste it on your event thread!

I need some community members to help me to do this for all majors airport, By this way, you’re officially joining IFPS…

Website will be available in the next week i think
@Huw & @grxninesix, for the IFPS Team

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