Introducing IFIC - Infinite Flight Innovation Center


Welcome to IFIC - Infinite Flight Innovation Center, Where this is the first type of an organization that doesn’t have limits for innovation, got an idea? IFIC will volunteer with you and help you to develop a product that is perfect for Infinite Flight, and will attract many people in this unstoppable-expansion Community.

#Our Mission and Vision:

1. Is to help you to make your road easier for you, we will help you in developing your ideas, like creating Applications, events, and organizations for Infinite Flight and Infinite Flight Live. This can be applied by giving theoretical or practical courses

2. Is to help you with adding innovation to your Virtual Airline, group, organization…etc.

3. Is to team up with other organizations (IFVARB, IFN, IFSATC…etc) to maintain Professionalism, sharing experience, and helping out each other with dealing with problems

4. Is to give positive energy for everyone if they got negative energy from someone else.

5. Is to help people maintaining high profile of behaviour and maturity.

Our Vision:

1. By Applying Mission #1, our vision is an innovative, creative and helpful community.

2. By Applying Mission #2, our vision is better, more attractive and more useful VA’s and Groups.

3. By Applying Mission #3, our vision is a community that is aiming for more unity and more Professionalism

4. By Applying Mission #4, our vision is a positive energy community that helps instead of just crticizing.

5. By Applying Mission #5, our vision is a community that is full of Maturity and good behaviour

#Our Crew

Our Crew are the people help us in any way, or showed excellence in innovation and developing ideas, and will be divided into 2 sections

1. Motivators:

Are the people he motivate people to innovate and help them with their ideas, Motivate is to push a guy toward something, by providing reasons of doing it.

[details=List of Motivaors]1. R_Jordanian
2. Carrots4Luke1
3. [/details]

2. Innovators:

Are the people who always have new and improving ideas that would increase a positive part of the community.

[details=List of Innovators]
3. [/details]

How to Apply

Click the Link below to Apply

##Our Partners

And at last please accept this topic and dont post things like “Useless” or “What is the point of this” or "Unnecessary"
But I will accept and appreciate ideas to improve IFIC


Interesting idea! Whether it will do the community a huge favour, not to sure yet. I guess we will have to wait and see!

(p.s. you spelt ‘Partners’ wrong)



If you interested in collaborating with IFTSATC please contact me


I like this idea. I’m keeping an close eye on you and your progress with this initiative. ☺️


Fantastic Question,

I am Going to give you an example:

Imagine if Mr.A had nice idea of a new App, example, Flight Tracking, So he propose the idea to one of the motivators, Mr.B gives him ideas that would be a great add to the app, and he would help him planning it, Mr.C teach him on how to code API, MrD Would help/teach/motivate him in … , and the results a worth it app to be introduced to IF.


Great, Will hope you will one us one day

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Why would that be better than Mr A just learning to code and doing it himself? It seems very complicated


Can somebody help me make a VA

That was just an example, also, we would teach him in a way he understands, Internet is not always simplifying teachings

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My First step, PM me and i will be proud to help you!

I hope, thats why i need motivators for myself (Irony)

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But what’s the incentives for those knowedgeable in the API to come along with the idea?

It’s in interesting idea but I’m struggling to see why people will join in.

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In my opinion this is unnecessary, but good luck! 🙃


Even though I like the idea , I can relate a lot with this .

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  1. Thank you
  2. i think instead of saying Unnecessary, i would either not comment or give ideas to improve
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I dont really get your questions, do you mean how to get ideas?

I think we was trying to say. Why would the knowledgeable developers join into this. In your example you talked about Mr C. helping Mr A and Mr B. Why would Mr C get involved and what’s in it for him ?

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Like I’m not trying to pick holes into this idea but there is way better ways of doing this without overcomplicating it like it is happening with your current concept

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I like this idea. I don’t own a VA and I’m not in one but I like those visions.

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I think you didn’t get the Idea
My concept is not complicating at all if you deeply think about it

Basically its a step by step concept, by dividing the process into Pieces and dealing with each piece individually, Then connecting those together, i mean the main thing is not learning API only, its a matter of planning and API and structure coding, also getting the appropriate copyrights and big story, in the step by step, it will aim higher quality and more mind flowing

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