Introducing IFFlightpics!

Hello everyone!

I am proud to announce the a project that I have been working on and planning out. With that being said, I would like to introduce:

A new way to view pictures from me and (hopefully some of you community members.)

About the site: I have created a weebly website where you can view some of my coolest shots I have taken in Infinite Flight! I hope to upload daily/weekly shots for the community and fans to view! At this moment and time I am the only member in the group, if you would like to join message me!

My goal: is for the people that view the website to view amazing and creative images from the greatest flight simulator ever!

Where do you find this? You can find the site here

Season 1 photos are currently live! Tell me if you like them!

Follow the official Instagram of IFFlightpics here
(posts will be up shortly)

If you would like to use my photos you can with permission and proper credit. Consequences will occur if I find that you have taken my pictures!

Please PM me if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or if you would like to sign up!


From reading the title I thought you had made another olympics…

I had my lawyers ready to go…


Very nice photos! I’ll be here waiting for Season 2!

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Ice, you are a friend. Why grab the lawyers?

Thank you! I appreciate it!


  1. Are medium-quality pictures allowed? Although my device is a low-end, it, for some reason, can handle some high quality, but not a lot.
  2. Do I have to join for you to post the pictures I capture? Is there another way?

Can you PM me please :) I’ll answer your questions there!

I went to your website and question 1 has been answered.

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Nevermind, both questions were answered from the website.

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I may join, but I’m a bit iffy about it…

If you have any questions and/or concerns I would be happy to talk to you about it.

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Anyone else interested in becoming a photographer?

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