Introducing IF to Others

Hi All

I have a friend who works for Virgin Australia as a part of the airlines cabin crew. I just told him about IF and he was amazed at it. He is interested in getting the simulator very soon and doing some sectors around South Cal (of course in a Virgin 777).

Given that there are so many purchases that you can make to enhance your IF experience, can anyone else suggest some ideas on how to introduce him to the sim.

I told him to purchase the app, as well as getting a couple of aircraft and live. As well as that I suggested the idea of getting third party apps such as Infinite Passengers and IF Assistant.

I am purely interested in how everyone would approach this and how they’ve got other people into using IF.


I tell them about it, then I tell them to buy live and the Caribbean/Hawaiian Region then I open up ATC and tell them to fly around.

After they get used to it, I tell them to go on and live a free life in a world of IF


Drug them, then make them listen to 30 hours of Flightcast, and then after that make them listen to the costant drone of engines. It’s basically like mind control. Whenever they hear engines or Canadians: BAM they play IF.


Hi InfiniteOwen,
that’s great that your sharing this game, because it’s awesome. So, to start out I think the 777 is a great purchase. I got the 773 and I love it a lot and it’s really great for full flights( considering that some planes that I fly are better a flights then some others… that’s truly an opinion though). I just got the infinite flight live for one month and it’s really fun flying with other people, for your friend, I think that that would be a really fun addition to the game and would make a little more relistic. Now since each in app purchase is $5 I would spend it wisely. Tell him definitely to get one of the 787s. I have 787-9 and 787-8. They are sooooo worth it! Plus they are really fun to fly! And they also have the most realistic cockpits! I realize now that you might have some of thes airplanes, but I’m just stating my opinion. Just trying to be as helpful as possible😉

Instructions unclear, everyone in Canada started playing IF. Chaos ensues.


I have had no success with trying to get my brother into the game. I’ve tried everything now, so I might as well try your idea…

Edit: It worked, he’s been playing none stop and is already at Grade 5! All I have to to is watch plane spotting videos when he’s in the room, jk.


@infiniteOwen, glad to hear you’re expanding the IF population and diversity!

You could tell him how awesome this community is, and could invite him to this webpage 🙂


You could make them play 5 hours in TS1 SoCal (KLAX to KNUC over and over again; and each time there’s a plane on the runway on their approach you have to go around)

Now that’s how you make a new player a TS1 SoCal Expert!

But Misha, your way works too…


That’s because mine was actually funny


Have him fly solo first in extreme wind conditions and I think there won’t be a need to casual server. He should shoot for training then expert servers.

So you’re in the humorous category too 😏

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One of my friends from Camp just started doing it. He’s already looking good on takeoffs, but Smithleys the landing every time


I love how “smithelyed the landing” is meta now. This community is too great.

And to stay on topic I introduced IF to my friend of 5 years and he’s been grinding for TS1, hopefully I don’t fail you guys and allow him to become TS1 noob.

I’ve tried introducing IF to my friends and some classmates from school, however I find if they have no interest in traveling or flying they just pass it off and don’t show any interest in it at all. I feel the person has to have some fascination with aviation if you want a slim chance at getting them into IF. Also, it may take a while for people to catch on to the community, such as myself who was been using the sim for almost 3 years, however within the last year decided to finally get live, and only within the last 3 months decided to create an account on here.


It wasn’t funny it is the only real way to do it

Yeah I think being a flight attendant for an airline is enough fascination for this guy to use the sim

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97% of my friends are not really interested in Aviation at all, some of my family thinks IF is a joke(wait until global). I only made 1 of my friends play IF before and of course he chose the F-22 and started the regular Casual Server bevavior. >don’t want to continue


I wasn’t really giving him a suggestion, and like you said being a flight attendant is enough to have fascination with aviation. I was just putting out what my experience trying to get others into IF was like.

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@JoshFly8 you have officially become famous for your crashes- errm… landings


Tell them it’s better to buy a live subscription which last for a minimum one whole month, than buying a double quarter pounder from McDonald’s only to be dumped a few hours later

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