Introducing IF Checklists - now available for iOS and Android for free!

Hey guys!

After several months of development, a few weeks of beta testing (thanks, team!), I’m happy to announce that IF Checklists is now available for FREE on the App Store and Google Play!

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Do you want to make your Infinite Flight experience more realistic?

IF Checklists offers nine, aircraft-specific checklists for Infinite Flight. From the moment you spawn in, to the very end of your flight, IF Checklists will make sure you don’t forget anything.


Aircraft-specific checklists

IF Checklists offers checklists for every aircraft included in Infinite Flight. No matter if you’re flying the new MD-11 or the Cirrus SR22, the checklists will always be accurate.

Made for Infinite Flight

IF Checklists is made to be used with Infinite Flight. Our app is based on real-world checklists, which we adapted to the needs of the simulator.

IF Checklists Plus

IF Checklists Plus is a $4.99 in-app purchase which will make your experience even better. It includes the following features:

  • Voice feedback
  • ATC checklists (available for tower & approach)
  • Additional information (including weather updates and maximum operating limit speed for all aircrafts)
  • Removal of ads


Well, what are you waiting for? Download IF Checklists now and make your flying experience more enjoyable and realistic!

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If you enjoy IF Checklists, please consider leaving a nice review on the App Store/Google Play! :D

Connect with us

Follow us on Instagram and Twitter for the latest news about our app!


Do I need to quit Infinite Flight to use the app?

Except if you’re using it on a device which supports multitasking, you will need to switch between Infinite Flight and IF Checklists. This isn’t something we recommend doing, as it might cause a connection break which also may result in becoming UNKNOWN to ATC. More information is available here.

Does the app require an active internet connection?

The app does not require an internet connection, except for the weather modal, which retrieves the latest METAR data.

Why does IF Checklists have adverts?

Without adverts, IF Checklists probably wouldn’t be free to use. If you wish to remove them, consider purchasing IF Checklists Plus - it will remove adverts and unlock additional features such as voice feedback, ATC checklists and more!

Can I transfer IF Checklists Plus from Android to iOS or vice-versa?

Unfortunately, this isn’t possible, as both stores independently manage in-app purchases.

What are the system requirements?

On iOS, you will need at least iOS 9.0.
On Android, you will need at least version 4.4 (KitKat).

Is there anything I can do to help?

Consider leaving a nice review on the App Store or Google Play and sharing the app with your Infinite Flight friends! :)

How can I contact you?

You contact us via email. Alternatively, you can send us a message on Instagram, Twitter or directly here on the community. We’re always happy to help!


IF Checklists is not affiliated with Infinite Flight or Flying Development Studio. IF Checklists is intended for simulated flight only and must not be used in real-world flight situations. We cannot be held responsible for use outside of these limitations.
By using IF Checklists, you agree to our terms and conditions and privacy policy.


dang this is really cool app i will download it now


Congratulations on release, Adrien! #makefree #wewantfree


This looks very cool!

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Congratulations! Well done!


Awesome app @Adrien. Congratulations on this release. Downloading right now!


This app is incredible! I think ill go ahead and get the pro version if the free is this neat


Congrats mate. Looking forward to using it.

Congrats on the app! Just downloaded it and will check out once its installed

Brilliant app Adrien! Great work, very nice UI and it’s very professional looking, very happy and so it’s worth upgrading if it will support you. Continue the great work!

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Just a question, in the Pro version there is the “maximum operating limit speed for all aircrafts”, if this flap setting dependent? Do we have the option to see the max speeds for the different flaps?

The maximum operating limit speed for all aircrafts is the maximum cruising speed based on the data in Infinite Flight. As long as you stay under the MMO & VMO, you shouldn’t get any speed violations in Infinite Flight. :)
In the future, we will try to add even more data for IF Checklists Plus owners - stay tuned for more!

Thanks for the support, everyone!


Nicely done! All the hard work and endurance put into this app is appreciated! Thanks for a useful and well-constructed addition to Infinite Flight’s third party collage of apps! :)

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Looks nice. Is there a windows version in the future? I would like to have the checklist up on my PC and IF up on my phone.


Absolutely loving it so far. So easy to use, lovely layout. Great work mate!

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Looks good! I’ve been wanting a realistic checklist for Infinite Flight for a while now. I’ll definitely be downloading this soon and using it.
Might even buy the Pro version.

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Currently have no plans for a Windows version, sorry about that…


It their a way to have it on the Infinite flight app, so I don’t have to go back and forth?

You can use split screen on the iPad. If you’re on a smartphone, you will need to switch between them, or use another device.