Introducing IF Checklists - now available for iOS and Android for free!


Amazing! Can’t wait @Adrien!


Have you ever wondered when you should retract or extend your flaps to increase realism? If yes, you will absolutely love our upcoming feature: flap limits data! This feature will be available for a big majority of the aircraft if you have IF Checklists Plus. Are you excited?


In addition to the already existing MMO/VMO data available with IF Checklists Plus, our upcoming update will also include cruise speed and ceiling altitude for all aircraft. Can you recognise which aircraft the data in the screenshot is for? Let us know below!


Hey everyone! Good news, IF Checklists 2.0 has been released! Since this is a huge update, we have created a separate update thread - check it out! This thread will still be used for smaller updates in the future. Enjoy the update! :)


Is it the A321?


Nope, try again. ;)