Introducing Frontier Virtual!

Thank you! :)

No problem!

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We need staff members! Please talk to @sk28 if you are interested

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I am bumping this back up as Frontier VA has officially continued work on the website.
Please pm me if you would like to become a pilot for Frontier VA or work as scheduled staff.

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Love the idea! Thanks you guys! Will you need live to join?

I’m working on a form you can fill out to join! There is a slack as well

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Could I be the COO and / or slack admin

Good Luck!


yes it is a new one.


What do you mean by last one?

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I never had a last one.

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Please keep this thread in topic guys! This is not a thread to discuss profile pictures. @Vietnam_Virtual

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Oh no someone was asking me a question but he deleted his comments.

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My fault sorry.


As a new VA we invite you to join our alliance and it’s slack. Current Members:

  1. Redwings Airlines
  2. Venture Airways
  3. Great Mountain Air
  4. KLM (Possibly)
  5. Air Austral (Possibly)
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Thank you but @Plane6 Frontier VA is not partnering with any virtual airlines or companies for a while. We will hold on to your invite though

Alright thanks but your welcome whenever you ready as always, good luck.



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Guys please TAKE THIS OUT OF THIS THREAD!!! Anything non related to frontier is off-topic @Plane6 @Vietnam_Virtual

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We are in need of at least five pilots. There is a slack (i.e. Pilot lounge, flight data, your flights will be tracked on LiveFlight)
You will get benefits for taking on the most flights. When someone books a flight it will be posted in the slack and you can decide if you would like to fly it.
Please consider signing up for Frontier Airlines.

REQUIRENMENTS: (cause where is the fun without those)

  1. Grade 3+
  2. 45000 XP +