Introducing Frontier Virtual!

Hello! I am the CEO and CO-Founder of Frontier Airlines. I would also like to introduce my Vice President @SkyHighGuys! We are currently in development. I am looking for some community members to help us and fill the following positions.

Chief Route Network Manager -
Chief Fleet Manager -
Chief Website Developer - (Pending)
Chief Pilot -
Spokesperson -

Just PM me if you would like a position or have any questions!
Thanks for all your support :)

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Um … I’m so confused! @SkyHighGuys, you said you and I were working on it!

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You said it wouldn’t get that many views and that it would be better to do a different airline. And @sk28 reached out and asked me if I would join him when he made it so I said yes. :)

I have been talking with him for a while, and we decided to release t today. I can get you a high ranking staff position, just PM us.

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But @Furtive_masstwofourf said they don’t want people making an airline out of it …

Let’s wait and see some hard proof for that first before we just shut it down

No, I prefer not to be in a VA that is “illegal”.

I have no prooof that it is illegal. How exactly is your VA more legal?

I don’t have the email anymore, but, I still would not create this. I promise the last thing you want to deal with is a CEO crashing down on you. It would be better if you stopped now instead of putting all that work in and then it goes to waste.

Alright guys simmer down. Let’s just wait and see what proof we have against it! @PlanesForLife I agree, I don’t want to be in an illegal VA either but as of yet I have not been assured satisfactorily that there even is a thing against it. Once shown I will back down from it

Yes, as of now, I’m not in the VA.

Alright I found this posted this year in a AVSIM websight

So far it doesn’t look like frontier VA is illegal @PlanesForLife

Where is the confirmation that he asked? I asked, and they said no. Give it up!

###MEOW! Catfight!

(back on topic)


I see your point, I am going to reach out to Frontier.

I’m not seeing enough proof that it is illegal. But if I can trust you I’d say you were serious but I am taking a big step of faith since you conveniantially don’t have proof. So far all the virtual airline sims online I’ve looked at have had a frontier virtual and no “news” of the real Frontier cracking down on them.

But I will take your advice. @sk28 I’m sorry mate count me out. I don’t want to risk it. I believe your VA is valid 100% and I will voice my support for you

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I am not starting his VA, I am going to reach out to Frontier PR to get approval to do this.


Frontier sounds like the type of airline to be picky on that stuff.


Alright and if you get it I will join!