Introducing Flight Resume!

Blog article by Jason Rosewell

Feature Highlight: Flight Resume

One of the beauties of Flight Simulation is the ability to pause or quit and come back at a more convenient time. At Infinite Flight, we’re making that easier for pilots with Flight Resume. Find out how it works!

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The gameplan

We’re looking forward to sharing this with you soon in 24.1! You might be wondering why this isn’t being announced for an end-of-year release. Our developers have been working away behind the scenes on an Android subscription code-base rework that was required by Google for this release (which will help pave the way for some new Android and iOS integrations down the road). While this update is feature complete, there are final testing efforts underway to fix some remaining bugs.

Our artists have also been working hard on the A380 which is, well, a very large aircraft requiring a lot of model components. We’ll continue to share progress on our social media channels, but until then, we’re excited to bring you Flight Resume, along with some bug fixes, new 3D airports, and new liveries in 24.1!




Well this is pretty cool!
Thanks for the awesome feature! ❤️


Ooooooooooooh yeeeees🥰🥰🥰🥰

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Very interesting

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This is cool; but correct me if I’m wrong, this will mean that Infinite Flight has only released/reworked a singular aircraft for the whole of 2023?


Crazy🤯 This is such a great feature!

You are correct. The A380 is a VERY big plane 🙂 Lots of extra things to model.


Cant wait!

I’m very excited for this feature. But one Question, will there be a 23.4 release or was 23.3 the last update of the year?


Interesting feature

This is very very interesting!!

We were trying for another 2023 release, but there was just too much to do before the holidays. No more releases this year.


Very understandable, have a great holiday team!

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This is a game changer 🔥

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I will finally be able to finish flights after the responsibilities of everyday life. Thanks team! :)


Damn, that’s one hell of a good feature for us people with busy lives.


Excellent! Very good implementation, and it’s something too useful for many of us, especially those who fly on mobile devices. This is because we mostly tend to have this type of issue more often for people who fly on our personal phones, and on some occasions, these scenarios have unfortunately occurred where we cannot continue with our flight. But here is the solution! Very good implementation, congratulations to the Infinite Flight team for bringing us the solution to a problem that many of us have probably had or will have in the future.


How cool. How long will the flight save for? Indefinitely?

For now yes, as long as it’s found on your device, it can be resumed. We may time them out for technical reasons though. (Resuming an old A380 flight with a new A380 for ex). It’s TBD.