Introducing Evento - a revolution in events

Hey, I’m Alexander Nikitin, and I’m proud to present to you the biggest innovation in infinite flight events - meet Evento.

Who we are?

Evento is a brand of infinite flight live events, focused on the pilots and not numbers. We strive for beautiful, remote and unpopular locations. Our goal is not to have thousands of flights - rather, we focus on the way people experience the event. That’s why our attendees don’t need to look at jeppesen and can still be on realistic departure routes - we look at them ourselves and translate it into infinite flight ready flightplans with all the necessary information.

At Evento, we want to be predictable for the attendees, that’s why we do an event every week, with the new one being published at least 24 hours before the next one. Most of our events are part of one of our event series, a way to differentiate the events for our fans.

Our event brands:

Our flagship series. Revisited focuses on unpopular airports in one area or country. We start from the medium sized airports and go up to the biggest, with flights to destinations ranging from world’s busiest airports to airfields which recieve 1 plane per week (IRL).
We take most beautiful routes and challenging routes back to back.
In this series, we fly the most dangerous, complicated and beautiful approaches this planet has to offer. Each departure is strictly timed and the ammount of flights is limited to not cause chaos in the skies.
Nostalgia riders
This series focuses on what have left the skies forever: defunct airlines, old planes and the beautiful liveries that became a part of history.
For special occasions.

Planned events:

Around the Alps (May 17th - June 28th)

Innsbruck, Venice, Genova, Geneva, Turin, Nice, Milan

Revisited:Southern Africa (Dates will be announced later)

Windhoek, Mauritius, Seychelles, Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg

event archive

Revisited:Russia (April 5th - May 10th)

Samara, Sochi, Vladivostok, Saint Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Moscow

Reservations open:

ATA - Genova 2020-05-31T17:00:00Z

ATA - Geneva 2020-06-07T18:00:00Z

Information for VA/VO:

Event sponsorship
If a VA/VO sponsors an event, their desired routes will be open for registration only for their members until 1 hour before the event start.

Sponsorship for VAs

VAs can sponsor events if there is at least 3 routes by your airlines. VAs will have a dedicated table, the fact of sponsorship will be in the general info section, the advertisement block will be above the rating.
For sponsorship please contact the author of this post. In the message, please provide which flights you want to sponsor.

Sponsorship for VOs

VOs can sponsor if it suits their image. Reserved routes can be chosen by airplane type and airlines (only if they aren’t represented on IFC or there are less than 3 routes, but then it is recommended to reserve other flights.)
VOs will have a dedicated table, the fact of sponsorship will be in the general info section, the advertisement block will be above the rating.
For sponsorship please contact the author of this post. In the message, please provide which flights you want to sponsor.

Event organisation
For event organisation please feel free to contact the author of this post

Thanks for reading up to the end!

Evento is an event brand and doesn’t require any approval from IFVARB. All the bold claims are clearly not biased and were 100% concluded by at least 5 highly qualified alter-egos of Alexander Nikitin
For mods: I’ve seen other treads like this, so i assume it’s okay


Sure looks cool! Looking forward to it


What’s going on at Evento?

Hey, it has been a while since the last post, so let me bring you up to speed with what is going on at Evento.
First of all, we currently have 2 events which you can register to
R:Russia - Saint Petersburg 2020-04-26T17:00:00Z
Sponsored by Wizz Air virtual

R:Russia - Novosibirsk 2020-05-03T17:00:00Z

Secondly, Moscow flyout will be published on Wednesday instead of Saturday. This decision was made because of the scale of the event - 3 airports, more than 100 flights to almost parts of the world and 2 out of 3 airports being close to their gate capacity.

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Hey, we’ve published a new event!

It is the grand finale of the Revisited:Russia series. 3 airports, 100+ flights, 7 runaways and 1 flyout - we’re doing it big this time. Signup here:

Also don’t forget about our upcoming Novosibirsk flyout:

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Hey, something is happening here at Evento

First of all, signups for Moscow mega-event are still open!

Revisited:South Africa

As Europe and USA are much more popular, we have decided to move Revisited:South Africa to a later date to make way for Around The Alps event series to popularize the Evento brand Oh, and about that

ATA - Around The Alps.

The second event series from Evento. Covering 4 countries, 7 cities and 8 airports - this series will take you around the Europe’s highest mountains.
Innsbruck, Venice, Genoa, Geneva, Turin, Nice, Milan
Registration for the Innsbruck event is open. Only 13 gates left.
Don’t delay - reserve a flight today!

(and also check out the profile art, spent a lot of time making it.)

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My alter egos approve of this thread. Great idea you’ve got going here.

Oh hey, first person to actually notice this easter egg. Glad you liked it

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Ooooh! I can’t wait for the Seychelles event! I wonder when it will happen.

Imma be real with you - it is currently under question because of it being able to fit only 5 widebody flights and 6 GA/737/A320 flights.

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But wasn’t there IFATC there a few weeks ago? Juneau has less gates and they still have IFATC today.

PAJN has waaaay more gates than FSIA

Really? They only have 6 commercial gates. They have more cargo and GA gates.

Hey, we’ve published an event

This time we’re flying out of Venice - the only city in the world where taking a boat from the airport to the city is actually quicker. And when you are departing, there is a fairly big chance that you would get to fly above it’s orange-roofed houses and narrow canals. And with the sponsorship from Easyjet Virtual, it doesn’t seem that the roofs might get some serious competition in the orange department. Unfortunately though, Venice isn’t as big as the europe’s megahubs, so it’s 39 commercial gates require us to put a gate reservation policy.

So what’s next?

Tune in this Wednesday for the posting of Genoa.

Hey, we’ve published an event

On 2020-05-31T17:00:00Z we’ll be in a quite scenic Italian location beautifully named Genova. Mountains on one side side, water on the other and an interesting layout - it has everything you can ever wish for a medium sized airport. And this time it just so happens that I had too much free time, so there is a huge selection of private flights with callsigns that fit the IRL livery and routes to semi-realistic destinations. But oh well, you can always reserve a private prop spot if you dislike the given routes.

Also don’t forget about the event this Monday!

EasyJet virtual is proud to sponsor it, so make sure you will be proud that you participated. Because if almost 30 people are participating, then there’s gotta be something there.

So what next?

Well, we’re publishing the Geneva flyout soon, so turn on notifications for this thread to not miss that!

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I might even attend all of Around The alps…By just flying to Moscow

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