Introducing Ethiopian airways VA!

I am going to make a website but for now,

WELCOME to Ethiopian airways virtual airline.

With a fleet including the dash8, 787 and 777-200LR, we have a wide range of routes departing from our temporary hub, Hilo international in Hawaii, which means it allows short hops to longer distance flights towards other big airports!
(With more to come of course with the release of global) I can’t wait to watch this VA grow with members and also new aircraft in the future!.

if you are interested in joining, please Reply your Email so I can add you to slack
Here is the website


Good luck from us at Redwings!


VAs aren’t supposed to be rushed. Please spend more time, and make sure the website is published and your routes and fleets are established!


I am working on at right now, but for now i can easily set routes with aircraft on slack

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Same as @PlanesForLife has said… cool thing you joined 2 days before I did!!

Good luck from Venture:)

Thanks very much :P


I wish you good luck, but the description was rushed a little bit. If I decided to start a VA, I would take a few days/weeks to plan what it would be…

Yes i agree, but i didnt want anyone to create one if I was in the middle of planning it

Ok thank you very much and good luck once more:)

Does Ethiopian use A321?

No, because its livery isnt on the A321

Best of luck from IFSIAVA.
Look foward to working together as VAs :)

Do consider joining Star Alliance as well.
Contact @tranquil_skyflyer for more details :)

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We would love you guys to join!

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