Introducing CentralEu Air!

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Hello there! Welcome to this new and unique VA! We are CentralEu Air! We fly from Central Europe to America, Canada and the Middle East, our Regional Subsidiary, CentralEu Regional, flies around the central region of Europe, we have a small amount of bases currently as we only have 4 airports we can fly to and from until Global Flight is released. Visit our website at:
Join us by filling out the contact form on our homepage! It’ll be a pleasure flying with all of you!

We have been approved by the IFVARB! You may now apply via the website above :)



Good luck from bava😎


Best of luck with your VA from USCG VA!

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Good luck from Lufthansa Virtual!


Good luck from IFES!

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Great job on the website! It’s cool how you mapped your routes and show where they go to!

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