Introducing CaliAir Virtual!

Hello there!

I am finally here to announce the opening of CaliAir Virtual. Currently I have no other operators besides me so If you are looking to help manage a VA please PM me. Our website is currently up and running at!

Here is the general overview.

Live Mode is not required, but recommended. If you do have live you must be Grade 2 or above.

Escort Services give people the option to have an escort in an f/18, f/14, or 737. These include event and personal escorts. You can request an escort on the escort page, but if you wish to join and be an escort click on the button on the home page of our site.​

Events will be held weekly on Sunday. They will feature races, challenges, and normal flights. You can check out the events on the calendar page. If you wish to be ATC or head pilot for any of these events click the button on the home page of our site.

Normal flights will be held whenever the pilots of our VA choose to fly. The pilots have the option to fly any of our routes (plus some), and get rewards for it. Check out the routes page for the amounts of these rewards. Our Hub is LAX, so most of our flights originate from this hub. Check out the fleet page for our fleet, ranging from the Boeing 767 to the Cessna 208. Anyone flying a CaliAir route on a CaliAir trip will have a call sign starting with CALI. If you wish to become a pilot, collect rewards, and compete against other airlines click the button on the home page of our site.​

Global Flight is coming out soon, and we will compensate. A new route map will be devised, although some of our current routes will stay, like LAX - SAN. Our smaller fleet will most likely be elimenated although if people want to fly short flights, well of course they can!

Our fleet consists of:

  • Airbus a380 (Currently Inactive until Global)
  • Boeing 747-200/400/8 (Currently Inactive until Global)
  • Boeing 787-8/9/10 (Currently Inactive until Global)
  • Boeing 767
  • Airbus a321
  • Boeing 737-700/800/900
  • Embraer 170/75/90/95
  • Bombardier Dash-8 q400

Our Current Routes in the SoCal Region are:

Los Angeles International (LAX) - Bob Hope Airport (BUR)
Los Angeles International (LAX) - Long Beach Airport (LGB)
Los Angeles International (LAX) - Catalina Airport (AVX)
Los Angeles International (LAX) - John Wayne Airport (SNA)
Los Angeles International (LAX) - Ontario International (ONT)
Los Angeles International (LAX) - Palmdale USAF Plant 42 (PMD)
Ontario International (ONT) - Big Bear City Airport (L35)
Los Angeles International (LAX) - San Clemente Island Air Force Base (NUC)
Los Angeles International (LAX) - Southern California Logistics (VCV)
Los Angeles International (LAX) - San Bernardino Airport (SBD)
Los Angeles International (LAX) - Camp Pendleton (NFG)
Los Angeles International (LAX) - Apple Valley Airport (APV
Los Angeles International (LAX) - March Air Reserve Base (RIV)
Los Angeles International (LAX) - San Diego International (SAN)
Los Angeles International (LAX) - Palm Springs Airport (PSP)
Los Angeles International (LAX) - Tijuana Airport (MMTJ)
Los Angeles International (LAX) - Twentynine Palms SELF (NXP)
San Diego International (SAN) - San Clemente Island Air Force Base (NUC)
Los Angeles International (LAX) - San Bernardino Airport (SBD) - Big Bear City Airport (L35)

Current Staff Positions:

Current Pilots:

I hope you join my VA. The VA trailer should be out in one week!

Live is not required!

Remember… Events are weekly, please feel free to come!

-Pilot Schulze-Kalt


By the way LIVE mode is not required!

Sign me up :)

awesome I just made the “join” button clickable on our site.

By the way, our first event is this sunday! I will make a topic!

A few issues regarding your fleet:
None of the planes can fly into L35, as they IRL would break the runway.

What’s the point of the E-195 when you have the 737-700?

And in which position are you to decide which aircraft this virtual airline uses? I think a fleet is fully decideable by the virtual airline owner.


well then none of the planes can go to l35

Sorry mate, every day there’s more and more VA’s that fly there and you are not going to change that :)

Great job Cali Virtual! your VA seems very professional


Good luck with your VA!
Regards, ANA Virtual

Good luck from Redwings!

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I honestly think that the E-170/175 are better than the larger models, and also regarding l35 only our dash-8’s and e-170’s fly there.

Thanks so much!

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Thanks for the support from other VA’s.



Good luck from United Virtual!

Sorry about this,

Does anyone know the Community Name for the IF display name of “Captain Foundation?” He just applied but did not leave his community name.

Could’ve been a joke.

Hey! Remember our first event is this Saturday 4:00 PST. Please come! Reply in the Event Topic!


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I would like to join any next flight. Im good at flying the A321-A320 Which i am getting, In 1-3 days

Our event now has a320 family aircraft listed. If you would like to come please reply in the topic.