Introducing Big Bear Virtual Airline L.C!

Introducing Big Bear Virtual Airline L.C a new virtual airline of Infinite Flight created to honor the city of Big Bear.
With one of the most modern fleets of Infinite Flights Big Bear VA has an average fleet age of 8 years, our fleet consists of a combination of Cessna 208 B737,B717,Dash 8 and E195

Our HUB is at L35 (Big Bear City) we have 15 routes and a combination of short and long and international routes designed especially for our staff.

Our main goal here at Big Bear Virtual Airline is that our pilots can earn more experience with events, and to form an amazing community for all of the pilots that want to join the VA

Interested In Joining Us?
send me a PM or just simply comment that you are interested here.
Thanks from Big Bear Virtual Airline L.C


Hey! I’m interested in flying for Big Bear VALC.
Get in touch.

ok ill send you a message in a sec

Question… Is it even possible for a 737 or a320 to takeoff from L35?


at normal weight, yes

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I’m interested! I used to live near big bear!

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ill send you a message

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I’m sorry but I don’t think IRL a A320 can go to this Airport.


thanks ill change it

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No route to Burbank? That’s quite a busy airport you are missing out on…


ill add Burbank thanks for the suggestion!

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I’m not a big fan with VA’s. I’ll have a think about it.

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ok no problem

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KBUR is the new route of Big Bear VA thanks!

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No problem. I can fly that route for you 😀

do you want to join?

Yea, pm me then…

thanks to everyone that joined! we still have more positions available

I am definetely interested!

ill send you a pm