Introducing Air France VA (new and improved)

Why did you chose to make AF VA ?

Whyd you ask?

I wanted to know why you chose AF…you like the airline? It was first 787 AF pax Flight today, did you simulate it? :)

Yes i did. I did it in my own time.

You don’t answer the main question…why AF?

Because i they have a big fleet and i like france.

#Air France VA is looking for a Recruitment Manager#

#Could it be you? #

We are looking for someone who has some knowledge with Google forms and is willimg to help us out.

This job will include:

  1. Creating a Google form for our applicants
  2. Sending out emails to these people.
  3. Inviting them to our Slack via email
  4. Being part of our friendly staff team
  5. Answering any question sent to them by a new recruit

There are to reasons to why I wanted to introduce this role. Firstly, our staff team is quite small with only 4 people and thus wanted to expand it a bit. Secondly, I need someone who his willing to take on the role as my staff team have their own Individual roles and didn’t want to stress them out by making them take on two responsibilities.

For those who are interested of taking on this role, please pm me with a message on why I should give it to you. I will be picking a candidate before this Friday at 23:59z. I look forward to reading them.

president and owner

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Hey guys!

Its sad for me to say that im no longer the president anymore. Exams have gotten in the way and I have no time to continue operating air france. I’d pike to thank my staff for helping me and I hope they lead the va better than I did.


Sad to see you go are u gonna come back?

I’ll still be around but not in a va as a president. I may join another va as a pilot

Ok but after ur exams are u gonna be CEO again?

Sadly no. I’m moving on

You just started I think it wasn’t the right time you to start one so who’s the new CEO?


Cool, my exams are coming up as well but I am not going to leave it I will be running it but I won’t be active when my exams are near

Sad to see you are leaving Air France mate! Hope everything else goes well!


Sorry to hear that, you where doing a really good job, sad to see you go

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