Introducing a new IFATC trainee

I don’t know if this has ever been done before but here it goes…
Recently my close friend here in the forum @Captain_Rojas passed his practical and has now become an official trainee of the glorious IFATC!!! I wondered if we could all welcome him! I for one look forward to having one more IFATC to open a region for me ;)

Welcome to the IFATC family Captain Rojas and I look forward to flying under you…well done


Welcome Captain Rojas to the family :)

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He told me via PM.

Congrats @Captain_Rojas! Maybe I’ll join you someday! ;)

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Thanks for the support! I’m sure you guys will soon, with enough practice, will become IFATC! :)
that moment when you run out of likes😐😂

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Me too! I am a huge enthusiast for the IFATC! That’s why I have sessions to control. I hope I to may pass the practical. But until then I will be content flying under my friends who climb the rungs of leadership…leaving me behind
Sniffle* he’s leaving me behind guys. I remember back when he was still practicing for practice 😭😭

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I also want to give my friend @CptNathanHope a huge thanks for his help and encouragement! :)


You IFATC are just one big family :)

You’re welcome! If you ever need any help on ATC,!you can contact me here or on slack! :)

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Of course! Definitely will do! Thanks! :)

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So grown up!!! 😭😭 thank you @CptNathanHope for helping this young IFATC into the fold

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Not a problem, this is why I’m here.

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