Introduce Yourself!

I work for the government.

Haha just kidding guys. I will say I have been pretty private about myself, so here goes…

  • My name is Johnathan
  • I’m 15 years old and currently reside in H-Town, Texas
  • I discovered Infinite Flight in May of 2017, really did nothing but crash for fun
  • Bought Live in August of 2017
  • Joined the community in September of 2017

Wait wait wait, this is all readily available information… here’s something you may not know about me:

  • I’m homeschooled (yes, I’m that weird)
  • Mathematics is almost bae (implied by the previous point)
  • Logic/reasoning is bae
  • Very single (also implied by the first point)
  • Christian (how could you tell?)
  • Absolute lover of classic rock
  • Queen for days
  • Currently an Airman 1st Class in the Civil Air Patrol (soon to be Senior Airman)
  • Trying to learn guitar
  • Aspiring Flight Dispatcher
  • Get-right-to-the-point kinda guy

Ok that’s enough gents. Now we’re basically besties. PM me if you wanna come to my B-day party! (No)

Thanks for reading 😂


Hi everyone, Chris here. When filling out medical forms I usually pick the 35-50 checkbox for the age. Originally from Ohio, then moved to North Dallas for a while, and now in a town which is about half way between Austin and San Antonio. Dallas was nice but South Texas is much better. Slower pace of life, less traffic, fewer tornadoes, and better tacos. I am a type 1 diabetic along with other stuff so I am a walking medical claim.

I’ve been doing various IT programming for about 20+ years. I went to school for coding but my actual bachelors degree is in corporate training. (Which is why I like technical documentation and tutorials) Currently I work from home supporting Project/Resource management software. Server stuff, database stuff, coding stuff, etc. Basically whatever the client needs. I do travel from time to time around the country to visit clients so sometimes I will post pictures from my adventures. Outside of work you can find me working on various websites as a hobby.

Lacrosse is a big part of my life. I played in high school and then went on to coach high school for seven years, became a referee for seven years, and now am part of the Texas High School Lacrosse League board of directors. Being an official in a sport is a very rewarding job and if you get the chance you should try it. You get the best seat in the house and you get to learn a whole different aspect to the sport while learning valuable skills. For example, if a coach is arguing with me if I whisper back, the coach has to shut up to hear what I am saying. Plus its not a bad way to stay in shape and get some extra cash. When watching sports on tv I will watch the officials to see where they stand, arm signals, etc.

I started my flight sim journey with a wonderful shuttle landing app. It was a lot of fun and very challenging. I then moved to the RORTOS game which I thought was fun at the time. I found Infinite Flight and did solo for a very long time before I realized what Live was and how it changed everything. From there I joined ATC (12/2015), became a trainer, tester, supervisor, and then moderator.

I’ve met some great people along the way in my Infinite Flight journey. I’ve also learned a lot about aviation as well as customs and traditions from other countries from interacting with all of you.


My name is Wolfgang😁…born&raised Frankfurt, Germany and went on to becoming a pilot. I have always been like airplanes since I was a child and saw them pass overhead and decided to try myself. I started flying TurboJet in Indonesia with Susi Air to get time flying. Stayed for years…applied for airline that had routes to U.S.A. 🇺🇸 and rejected first time. Fly for regional company for more times and eventually applied and accepted. I now been flying for 7 years on airbus 380…two children…somewhat happiness wife 😂.

(I apologise for English it is not my first written language buts I speak better than write👍👍👍)


Hey guys 👋

My name is Vinne and I’m 13. I started playing IF when I was 8 but only bought a one year subscription in August 2018. I’m a passionate aviator and am planning to create a VA once I get TL2! I find Infinite Flight a amazing community, actually more then a large family. Thanks Infinite Flight for this! Keep it up 👏!

Hello Wolfgang! German, aren’t you? Do you fly for Lufthansa?

Yes! I would love to come to your birthday party 🥳🥺🤫😂!

I’m gonna guess that you’re either an INTP or an INTJ on the MBTI scale 😂

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Maybe… 👀

Although I didn’t stalk your profile, I knew I had a 50-50 chance to getting your MBTI on the bulls’ eye. Your introduction seems very INTx enough but it’s not compelling enough for me to decide on the P/J. Hahahah

Anyways, I can tell since I have an INTP friend. She (yeah it’s a she!) is a tremendous person too. Very unique and out-of-the-box, unlike any other kind of person you’d meet somewhere else–at least unique in a positive way. She’s so logical and thoughtful that you just can’t lie in front of her face or you’ll be damned in your embarrassment :D

INTx people are generally very rare. Some people find INTxs very weird and isolated, but I find them very interesting once you talk to them. They have the genius ideas inside their brains and that makes me jealous as an ENFJ/ESFJ myself. Always be proud of who you are, that’s what’s important.


Can’t not confirm or deny sir… but think of A 380 airlines in Germany 😁😁😉

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Speaking of that, I found myself to be an ENFJ. No wonder why I’m still a regular.


Just to confirm, you have sat in the cockpit of a Concorde and done a 14 hour flight from DC to Dubai? For some reason i read it like “Ive sat in the cockpit of a Concorde for a 14 hour flight from DC to Dubai” 😂


Maryland & Chick-fil-a :)


You’re correct :)

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Hi I’m @J2S

Some facts about me
.I’m weird
.I like cars and planes
.I do a sport called Infinite Flight and BMX
.I have a little amount of friends
.I have and iPhone6+
.I’m on the road to becoming an IFC regular
.I’m a YouTuber
.I’m an instagramer

Thanks for reading the free dictionary of J2S

P+P not included please see your nearest coffee shop for further details.


😉 Sure, will do.

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As a reminder, please don’t give too much personal information such as last names, addresses, age, and phone numbers. You can trust this community to not do anything with your personal information, but you can’t trust a random stranger browsing this community to not do anything stupid. Anyone can access the IFC without an account, and they can do things as extreme as human trafficking.

  • Fan of B777, B787, B747, A330, A350, and A380.
  • Favorite airlines: Singapore Airlines and EVA Air
  • Taiwanese-American
  • Nintendo Fan
  • Longest Nonstop flight experienced: (KJFK/JFK)-(RCTP/TPE) 16 hours
  • Longest flight with stops experienced: (LSZH/ZRH)-(EHAM/AMS)-(VTBS/BKK)-(RCTP/TPE) 18 hours 30 minutes
  • Youtuber
  • Instagramer

Call Sign can be any thing relating to Air India or Jet Airways
Grade 2
Favourite airlines: Jet Airways, Air India, United Airlines
Born and raised in Mumbai
Favourite Aircraft: B787, B737, B777
Longest Flight: VABB to KSFO 15 hours
First Flight to Attempt on expert will be VABB to KSFO when i get there

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