Introduce Yourself!

Hello Everybody!

I assume for a lot of you this is your first time visiting the forum! Welcome, we hope you stay and enjoy the wonderful conversations we have here! I’m sure myself and many other members would like to know a bit about you! It can be a short summary, or a MLA formatted report! Share a few things about yourself, such as your name, favorite airline, favorite airport. and a summary about yourself!

I personally have been on this forum for a bit over a year, and have loved it here. I live in Irvine, CA, and Auckland, NZ. Love in California for mostly of the year, and love the beach, and also trains, planes, all of that! I look forward to hearing about you!

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Hello 👋 I am ET_Mavic,

  • I have been on this community since June the 3, 2017, and I am 17 years of age (as of 2019). I aim to be a regular, but I find life to be very busy

  • I found Infinite Flight back in 2014 and bought Live for the first time in 2016.

  • I have 633,000xp with 1627 landings, and I mostly fly in Australia

  • I love taking screenshots of Infinite Flight and editing them. I also make YouTube thumbnails for @Etrain’s YouTube account Infinite Aviation

  • My favourite plane is the A350 family, my favourite aircraft manufacturer being Airbus.

  • My favourite airline ties with Jetstar and Qantas

That’s a bit about me, now on th the next person 😉🤙⬇️


Hello, I am Oliver.
Some things about me and what I like.

  • played IF for about 4 years.
  • Love The A350, and the NEO’s
  • Joined IFATC, its a ball.

I’m not going to reveal any personal details like Ike my name and age. :)


I have been a part of this the community since last year. 3 quick facts about me:

  • I am mad about Aviation so that is how I got my username

  • My favourite airline would have to be to Jetstar and my favourite aircraft would be the 737-800

  • I have a model airport that is coming close to being completed



I’m Connor, if you don’t read my bio… then I’ll just TL;DR it.

  • I’m from New Zealand. Some of you might not know where that is. Its basically next to Australia. Don’t call me Australian
  • I’m currently in High School
  • I’m starring in a TV show coming out sometime this year Unless you have a VPN you can’t watch it, the show is on a website Geo-Locked to NZ
  • My favorite aircraft manufacturer is Bombardier
  • I’m a mess.
  • I love TV shows. My favorite one is Archer, love it to bits. The second favorite is Family Guy followed by American Dad
  • Food… Give it… Want it
  • I help run IFCI, Etihad Virtual and an up-coming VA!

Yeah thats pretty much me… Don’t ask me what the name of the TV show is, I can’t provide that information to the public.



Hello my name is Declan, but you can call me Deco, Dec, Decstar…any one of those!

I’m 17 years of age, turning 18 in October (YAAA!). I have been flying on Infinite Flight, coming up to 2 years now. I have previously been a IFATC controller and have a test to re-join very soon!

I have loved aviation for around the past 4 years and have met so many amazing people because of it!

I’m originally from Scotland, but live in Melbourne, Australia now and have lived here since I was 2. I’m technically an Aussie now, but don’t even dare tell my mum that! 😂


Hello, I’m Fathi you can call me Vie.

I’m 13 years old turning 14 in March. I love Aviation since 2012.

I love to eat Pizza, Sushi, etc
Yeah that’s all


Favourite type of Sushi?


My name is Josh. I like planes.

Australia is the best country.

End rant


California Roll ofc



I‘m Mats from Germany, a passionate glider pilot and frequent flier. In case you have any questiones regarding gliding or the German airspace feel free to hit me with a PM! I’d love to help you. :)
You‘ll find me flying around the globe in IF, mostly on routes I flew in real life. Want to join me? Same as for questions, send me a PM.


Name: Maksim

Likes: Planes

Other: N/A



Hi I’ve been playing Infinite Flight for just over a year. I have had Infinite Flight PRO for 3 months. I’ve been to this forum since April 25, 2018. I live in Norway. My favorite Airline is Norwegian Airlines. My favourite Airport is in Bergen.


Well I don’t really chat often in the forum business I don’t have any idea of it. I am Henry form Libera(west Africa). Actually I really love playing infinite Flight but there is no way I can access the whole version. Thanks and have a great day!

Logistical Genius®


My name is Jake, I’m 20 years old and I have been on the Infinite Flight forum since July 2017.

I am a member of IFATC, and I love to play Infinite Flight as often as I have time, however between work and school, that is sometimes limited…

I was introduced to Infinite Flight by a friend of mine and I’ve been hooked ever since, and it has revived my aspirations to become a commercial pilot in real life.

My favourite aircraft is the B787, and I live and breathe Boeing, not that other one with the flying buses or something… Despite the 787 being my favourite, my dream is to some day fly the B747, and I would like to spend as much of my career as possible in the 737, ideally with the 747 as an end of career move.

If anyone is interested in my personal life, well I have a girlfriend who asks me “why I always play that flying game”, and a dog and a puppy who don’t ask questions…


Hello I’m McKeyD reside in Southern IN near Louisville.Became immersed in IF about year ago upon retiring as is obvious as my fav airline is TWA being ex Air Force I flew in many a cargo jet /prop (C141,C130,C5A when I was stationed at Altus AFB Ok they were training flight crews there because of long RWY. Fav airport are KSDF, KIND and LEMD. This is my first participation but believe me this is a great place to learn and get ideas believe me when I say I emmersed myself in this sim j


G’day, names Oli, you can call me Hairy if you want. Like planes and sport. Have been on the forum for 2 and a half years
Australia invented the pavlova, and never try to change my opinion.
See you around :)


I’d debate this opinion but not publically


My name is Mats, and I’m 20 years old from Norway. I’ve been around for a while, but had a little break lately.
I am starting to study to become a nurse next year, and EMS thereafter.

I’ve been into flight simulation since I started off with X-plane 8 when I was 5. I am still an avid user of X-plane 11, but like to take a break from everything and relax with some IF. <3

During my break, I went into the ranks of VATSIM (Online flight sim network), and is now also doing the duties as a VATSIM Network Supervisor. I am also in the communications & Marketing team, which means I run a Facebook group of 30k people… :P
I have started streaming my controlling sessions on VATSIM lately, and you can find the link here

I am a part of the IFATC team as an ATC Officer, trainer and tester. :)

Guess I’ll see you around!!


Hello I’m Luke,
I’m 14 and i’ve been playing this simulator since 2014 so i’ve been playing for 4 years this being my 5th
I’m from Australia my home base is Brisbane YBBN
and i’m passionate about aircraft and i wish to be a commercial pilot for qantas myself
Luke :)