Introduce airspaces with frequencies

Hello everyone,
While performing some longhaul flight earlier, I realized that it’s quite quiet during the flight but there were some other pilots around so why not check in on the same frequency (which is active in a large airspace). On there current locations, flight levels, and other important information (like for example severe turbulences) could be shared. For sure a lot people don’t take a look at their devices during cruise, but maybe it would be a nice (not obligatory) function? An example of the airspace’s across Europe is shown below. That way the flights could become more „interactive“ with other people. That frequency could be a Unicom or controlled by a real ATC-controller.

I hope you understand my idea, for any question feel free to ask :-)

Do you mean Center frequencies?
They were removed with global so people AFK don’t get ghosted at cruise.

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Kind of, but I just meant something to keep the pilots around updated. (Could be that this was part of center)

But the whole reason center was eliminated is because most pilots go AFK during cruise, and therefore it would be difficult to enforce any restrictions or control if the planes will just fly on.

If you are at cruise you really don’t need to be updated on anything. Just listen to some music and enjoy flying!


Thought this more like a function that you don’t have to do but that you may use…but probably you’re right

This sounds great but it would be good if it was optional to contact that freq. You still got my vote

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I believe the plan is to bring back the “Center” frequencies in another update, once sectors are implemented into the sim.

That being said, I hope these frequencies are “optional”. By that I mean you cannot be ghosted for being AFK on center frequencies, and center do the best they can with the aircraft on their frequency.


I think FDS has the idea of having center for IFATC, but the AFK aircraft will automatically respond to vectors given.

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That’s actually a great idea, if a pilot is not responding to instructions, the controller should be able to “mark inactive” and then the aircraft automatically responds to commands.