Intro & Why I'm Here

Hello Everyone! I have been waiting to get Infinite Flight for some time, I just wanted to have time to dedicate myself to learning all I can. Now that I have a solid device and am currently seeking a caterer change at 35, now’s the time!

But I just wanted to give a quick bio on how I developed a passion for flight Sims. I’ve flew commercial many times, all the way to CDG in Paris and have flew LAX to Atlanta.I live in Kentucky so we have Bluegrass in Lexington and Cincy/Northern Ky. and Louisville.
Being in southeastern KY, I prefer Knoxville and then Lexington as a second.

My grandfather’s brother (Father’s side) was a pilot who lived in OKC. He donated a lot of his time to Oklahoma St. athletics, mainly flying the basketball team to away game. I remember we would go pick him up on occasional holidays at the regional airport in London, KY. He took me on my first flight, me and my twin, at five or six in a helicopter. I always admired how cool it must be to fly.

Unfortunately, in January 2001, they were leaving from a game at Colorado. With horrible weather conditions, the FAA concluded he had spatial disoreintation shortly after take-off.

His name was Denver Ray Mills (I called him Uncle DR) and the co-pilot was a Swiss fellow. Also on board, two players, an equipment manager, the radio broadcaster, sports information director, and three others in the athletic department.

If any of you are football fans and watch ESPN, you may have seen Bill Hancock before on there. His son unfortunately was on board. The coach at the time, Eddie Sutton switched off the doomed plane and got on the plane with the team, and my uncle ,(great-uncle, but he insisted uncle DR) was supposed to have his son, who fortunately didn’t attend the trip at the last minute.

So, after getting a paper copy of the crash report from the FAA, my interest peaked. Now with simulators coming so far, I knew this was the way to go. Ive had the basic simulators on mobile some of you have played so I have a general understanding.

I’m so excited to have something so I depth. I will spend the first few days studying and taking notes, watching videos, then Solo practice.

No need to go live until I can actually exist with those of you who enjoy realism in simulators, myself included.

I’m sorry my first post was so long but I tried to be concise. I want to be an active member of this community. I know I have plenty of tools in this forum, I don’t forsee having to ask many questions early with all the tutorials and just searching the forum.

To the developers, thank you for making an outstanding product! I can’t imagine the time and resources so many people devoted to and still devote to improving this product.

Who knows, maybe I will make that career change and get a private pilots license after this! Hope to see you all in the skies!


It just shows how it’s never too late to become a pilot :)


Couldn’t help but notice you mentioned living in southern Kentucky. I have family in Albany. You anywhere near there?


Welcome abaord and thank you for your introduction!

As you will probably find there is a wide range in ages and experince in this community which helps to make it an intresting place. AS you are fairly new check out the TUTURIALS section which will give you lots of hints and tips tomake your experience more realistic and enjoyable.

Look foreward toseeing you in the virtual skies!


Yay a mature new member, welcome!


Welcome to the community, I hope you enjoy your stay here because once you get Live, the whole experience is alot more unique ^_^

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Welcome to the community! Thanks alot for sharing your interesting biography aswell. If you need any help in using Live. You can find some interesting tutorials on either

We are looking forward for your contributions to our community in order to make a better community. I do hope you can enjoy a pleasant stay here and happy flyings!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send me a Private Message once you have reached Basic (TL1). You can gain trust levels by keep reading and give some likes if you agree with someone, contributing to existing topics, helping those who are in need and also keep it civil! 😊

Sincerely, George


Great intro! Certainly a rare sight to see a mature new user. I hope that you enjoy it here!

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Welcome to the community, Mr Mills.

Welcome to the community! It’s great to see a nice, mature new member. I can see you becoming a Regular fairly soon! Keep up the good work, and feel free to PM me if you have any questions. :)

Hello! Welcome to the community. I actually live not too far from Lexington

We wish you enjoy your time here.



Welcome:) …

Welcome to the community, it’s great to have you here!
Also I live in Kentucky as well, but the western part.
Happy Safe Landings!!!

Welcome to the community! Great story! I’m Emil, and is one of your IFATC controllers. If you have any questions about this sim, do not hesitate to contact me. Furthermore, if you wish to try and join IFATC, I’m also an IFATC Trainer, so I can also help you with that.
Cheers, and welcome!

Welcome to the community! I’m Nate, and I’m a pilot for Infite Flight Aviation Experts (IFAE). I am looking forward to what you will do in the future with this #absolutelyamazingcommunity! If you have any questions, feel free to contact any of these helpful guys up above me, or simply feel free to check all those well-written #tutorials people have made. (I could give you some screenshotography advice 😉).

See you in the Infinite Skies!

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Welcome and sorry for Uncle DR, and…

… you get the picture, don’t you? Nice intro by the way.


Wow, thanks for the warm welcome everybody. So we have some fellow
Kentuckians, I always tell people that everywhere you go, not just
basketball games, you’ll find someone.

To the poster who asked about Albany, same principle, close to the
Tennessee line, just west of me.

I look forward to an experience here.

And although I’m a young 34; my mom would beg to differ with that mature
part sometimes to this day but I really appreciate that.

That just tells me a lot of young folks, who feel entitled to climb into an
actual SIM, then get mad and complain because it’s too hard.

They forgot us in the older generation had Nintendo’s, Ataris, they’d never
make it!



:-) My Mother puts it the other way around…She says that I am a mature but Young 40 year old…I beg to differ and look forward to growing up!

And there’s KFC;-) Not sure if it’s still Kentucky Fried Chicken

Welcome aboard flight infinite to the skies! Your mods will be guiding your journey from the cockpit while the Regulars will be your flight attendants serving you awesomeness. Flight time should be however long you decide. Weather outside right now looks pretty good. Lots of good topics to fly through. Thanks for choosing Infinite Flight and the community and enjoy your stay! Always feel free to hit the flight attendant call button which looks like a envelope if you have any questions or concerns! :)

Cheers and welcome aboard!