Intro/reminder rules screen before begin to fly in Live

Hey guys!
Sorry if duplicate.

I think its a great idea if devs add an welcome message in Infinite Flight Live for Introducing the basic skills of the art of Flying or controlling in Live.
The function can be not visible again in the nexts starts.

This Will be Introducing with Tap to calibrate screen before connecting

  • Its a great idea
  • Its a bad idea

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This would seriously reduce the amount of peanuts, because they might actually learn something new!


“Tutorials, extra help, and other info are available at


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Just put a button in the bottom

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I like it. If Gran Turismo is cool enough to have a warning screen when loading, why can’t we join the club.

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Seriously i think its a great idea

One major thing needs to be added ‘Line up and wait’ means go on to the runaway and wait for takeoff clearance :)

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Replace “Skip” with “Calibrate”

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Maybe you could add: If you’d like to learn more, tap the link below! It could maybe redirect you to a community post to some basic rules and consequences for the new players.

EDIT: I made a quick draft of what it could look like.


Tjayvis a very good idea

We actually had this in a very early alpha of Live. The problem with this is it gets annoying, and doesn’t necessarily mean good behaviour will come out of it (mobile gamers hate reading) :)


I’d find it very useful if I were a new player, I want to know what I can/cannot do and the consequences! Maybe you should put a “don’t show this again” button you can tap like how OP did.


You guys should read first

I wonder where all those newbies *check help pages for assistance using atc instructions go…!? :-* If you tell me to go to new place and you haven’t given me the directions do you really expect me to go to that place

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