Intrepid Trip - Lots of Military Planes

Today I went to the intrepid and saw lots of planes, I don’t remember them names of most of them so drop the in the comments if you know them.

And before anyone asks, no I did not get to go in the Concorde, the interior has been closed ever since covid started cause the cabin doesn’t have good enough ventilation, the plaza are near it was closed because a concert of some sort was near by so I couldn’t get near it, but besides that here we go.

Idk if this counts but the enterprise was there as well.

This plane just go in earlier this year and is being restored right now.

I did get a photo of the Concorde from a distance though for all you Concorde fans. Fun fact, the Concorde at the intrepid had the fastest NYC to LHR trip out of any Concorde ever. The fastest of the fast

Because I couldn’t be near the Concorde I picked up a model of the one from the gift shop!

That’s all from me! See ya ✌️


I went to the Intrepid 3 years ago. It was awesome and I hope you had a good visit.


It was cool I went 6 years earlier with my dad and the Concorde was closed for maintenance then, 6 years later and it’s closed for rona now, I’ll get in it one day

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That F-16 though 🙏🏾👍🏾👌🏾😉


It was probably the best part. I can’t believe just how big it looks in person.

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I was at the Intrepid back in 2019. Absolutely fantastic place. Seeing a Concorde in NYC was special I must say. Hope to return when I’m back over the pond.


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