Into The Grass | Northwest Airlines Flight 1034

September 20th, 1998

Boston Logan International Airport
Boston, Massachusetts

Northwest Airlines Flight 1034 is preparing for a regularly scheduled flight from Boston to Minneapolis. In command is a captain with 12,650 hours. The copilot is a first officer with 9,000 hours. The flight engineer is a second officer with 7,800 hours.
There are 324 passengers and 12 crew members on board; the aircraft is a 24-year-old DC-10-30, registered as N236NW. This aircraft once worked for Korean Air Lines and was delivered to NW in August of 1996.

At 1:04 PM local time, Flight 1034 receives clearance to taxi to Runway 33L. At 1:12 the aircraft is lined up with the runway and begins its takeoff roll.

A worker on the ground captures this photo of N236NW speeding down the runway

Just as the DC-10 nears Vr, a loud bang is heard in the cockpit.
The captain takes control and elects to abort the takeoff.

Realizing runway is running out, the captain swerves the plane to the left, the right wing clipping the lights at the end of the runway.

The aircraft comes to rest on the grass and partly on a taxiway.

View from the ramp, near Terminal B


Of the 339 people on board, the captain and 16 others are injured and 4 are seriously hurt.

It was later discovered that the No. 1 engine failed.

Many in the US consider this incident to be a miracle as it could have gone much worse.

The accident aircraft, N236NW, was substantially damaged but was repaired and put into service by the end of the year.

In 2006, N236NW was taken out of service and in 2007 it was moved to Tulsa and scrapped.

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Inspired by Allec Joshua Ibay, TheFlightChannel, and @DarkspoulYT


Could’ve been someone shutting a door or something lol. Anyway, nice topic!!

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Thank you! It wasn’t really complete when posted, it was (again accidentally) posted :P

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That event that happened back in 1998 was a disaster. Like it was really bad when that happened as the plane wounded up on the grass during takeoff. But nice story that you posted about this incident

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Wait this actually happened?

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Yep, from what I have read on his screenshot and videos post, it actually happened in reality

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Or maybe not. It was a made-up topic about the incident

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@Udeme_Ekpo @DarkspoulYT well, I made it up. If this had actually happened though, I bet it would be worse than how I made it

By the way, what happened to N236NW (apart from this) is all true! It, indeed, used to belong to KAL and was actually scrapped in Tulsa in 2007

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Ok I see how it was

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