Into the depths of Central Africa

Hey everyone!

A few days ago, I did a group flight with @Infinite_Qantas on a rare, undermined, fifth freedom route from beautiful Douala (FKKD) in Cameroon to venture into deep, unexplored, and underappreciated Bangui (FEFF) in the Central African Republic with Royal Air Maroc’s 737-800. Since @Infinite_Qantas wanted me to make a screenshots topic, I thought: sure, it was great.

Flight Info

Route: FKKD - FEFF
Airline & Aircraft: Royal Air Maroc 737-800
Flight time: 1hr 45mins
Server: Expert

Spawned in at the gate, doing some prep work for todays flight.

@Infinite_Qantas takes off before me after doing a back taxi while I hold short.

My time to shine! Right after liftoff we make a right turn directly to Yaoundé on our course to Bangui

Overflying Cameroon’s lovely capital of Yaoundé, where we make a left turn directly for Bangui.

At an undisclosed location, we get an interesting sight to our left as we cruise along Africa.

Right before descent, managed to capture this nice shot.

Somewhere in Western CAR, you get some interesting formations of fields. Who knows how long they existed…

Later stages of descent, we make a final left turn over the Ubangi River on the border with the DRC.
Did you know that Bangui’s name came from the Ubangi River?

Short final onto Runway 35 at Bangui’s M’Poko Airport. I love using this angle 😂

We’ve parked at our stands using some rather arbitrary angles, passengers disembarking.

Like I always ask, which one was your favourite?

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I’ll see you all next screenshots topic!



Looks like a brain.


Was an awesome route to fly, hope to do a flight with you again soon :)

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Those are awesome! Great job 👏

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