Into the Canada Mountains

I had a flight from CYLW to CYEG, unfortunately I could’nt make it to Edmonton because my phone died during the flight (litterally). I really love flying at this area because of the great scenery shown below:

Frontier Airlines A320

(yes, I did some edits, but not that much)

What do you think IFC?
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I love them! I will need to try flying there soon. Also, the dits aren’t a problem at all, you did great with them :)

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That is lovely scenery!

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Beautiful scenery. Great photos

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Yeah, thanks everyone

Does frontier fly to Canada?

I believe so, as what I’ve looked up online.

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Well good pics. I didn’t know that frontier flew to Canada.

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They do, but not on that route. They fly YYC-DEN

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Awesome photos buddy!

I immediately thought of this when I saw the title, I don’t know why…

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Woah, not a crash😅, anyways im happy u liked it