Into Stansted from Innsbruck

Hello everyone!
Many (or most if you know me) of you know I like Innsbruck and easyjet. So yesterday I went from Innsbruck to Stansted because I didn’t have enough time to land at Manchester because I had to go somewhere later on. So lets begin I guess 🙄

Server: Obviously expert
Time: Some time between 5 - 6 pm. Flight time was around 1 hour 30 because I was thundering through Europe because I had to go.
Route: LOWI -> EGSS

Just pushed back from the gate to take off from Runway 08.

Passenger view of the mountains. They are very beautiful. There should be more wing views 😂

Climbing up to 30,000ft over the magnificent mountains.

Bonus picture

Yes I know this has nothing to do with it but this was me rotating from Heathrow Runway 27R in storm Ciara.

Thanks for viewing these pictures.

What was your favourite?

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  • Picture 3
  • Bonus picture

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Thanks again!


Nice shots mate, no jokes this time? I actually really liked the bonus picture, from the normal set I liked the wing view.

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No love for Gatwick?

All jokes aside, wonderful shots. Love picture 3.

Only been there twice in all my time in IF :)

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You gotta come there more. I’m biased because it’s my home and is full of easyJet bois.

I prefer Liverpool even if I don’t even live close.

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Obviously Easyjet 😜. Hope it was great!

I’ll join you on this biased statement. The North terminal is just full-of-em’. So happy Infinite Flight put a permanent TFR regarding 08L/26R in there! ♥️

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Ever landed on 08R IRL? That rarely happens sometimes.

What else, Wizz? 😂

Wow! I love that wing view one, the scenery is great. I’ve never flown to Innsbruck, I should try it.